the best down syndrome awareness movies and videos

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This post is specifically about videos for promoting Down Syndrome Awareness, and they are all easily accessible on YouTube.

This post will be updated as new videos come out or are recommended.

The Best Down Syndrome Awareness Videos

For Kids

Not Special Needs

Awesome, super funny 2:00 short that’s great for anyone, really

Everyone Counts: My Friend Isabelle

Running just 3:59, this short video is meant for children around the ages of 5

Just Like You: 13:37 of well-rounded awareness-raising, good for kids a little older

Down Syndrome 101: Solid 5:16 video about the basics.

My only caveat: I want to be care of the things like “help them” because I think it’s more empowering and truthful to say we all help each other (and NOT JUST people with Down syndrome teaching people without Down syndrome  to be patient, kind, and so forth; I know in my household, my daughter with Down syndrome taught my typically developing sons how to be more athletic and take risks)

Lea Goes to School: 2:43 short on Inclusion that has me sobbing like a small child. SO. GOOD.

For Teens

These are not focused specifically for teens – they are just the ones that I thought would be a good fit with a  lot of teens

Chromosomes R Us: 5:44 – Hilarious short about the chromosomal fundamentals, all actors with Down syndrome!

Libertad: 3:03 rad Spanish short meant for teens

Kids Meet A Woman with Down Syndrome: 5:58 video in which children of different ages – and teens – talk with a woman with Down syndrome about Down syndrome.

If The Shoe Was on the Other Foot: 3:00 video that shoes how it might be if the situations were reversed between a woman with Down syndrome and a woman without. This would be a great video for adults as well.

Down Syndrome in 60 Seconds: 60 second video on the basics of what Down syndrome is, exactly. This would be a great introduction for adults as well.

Things People with Down’s Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing: 4:44 – British video in which various individuals with Down syndrome talk about annoying stereotypes! This is a great one for teens and adults

For Adults & Trainings

These are the types of videos to start off a training that you might have with typically developing people, the type of videos that you can lead in with and then really flesh out stereotypes and  use as tools to dive into deeper conversations.

Reasons to Celebrate: 1:48 – This is another masterpiece from CoorDown Onlus, and it’s suitable for all ages. It could be used to kick off a training for adults, or with kids (I lean a little more with teens for this one, but my kids loved it too).

Downistie: 3:04, Dutch video. Hold on minute 2:47!!!!

The Interviewer: 12:52, made by the brilliant Australian Bus Stop Films, this is an excellent, thought-provoking short.

Guest Room: Highly thought provoking 12 minute short film. I wrote a post on it that provides lots of areas of conversation, linked here.

Frank Stephens’ Speech on Down Syndrome: 7:14 testimonial about life with Down syndrome from a real expert

Indelible: 16:46 – gorgeous Indian short documentary on the lives of a few individuals with Down syndrome in India

Don’t Limit Me!: 4:18 – Megan Bomgaars’ message to teachers in schools is direct, powerful, and important

Born This Way: This trailer is about 3 minutes long. I think a full episode or a part of an episode of the hit A&E series, Born This Way, would make a great introduction to a Down Syndrome Awareness Training. So much in all of the episodes to springboard from!

Dear Future Mom: While targeting moms who are pregnant with a child with Down syndrome, this 2:13 short (tearjerking) video is told by people with Down syndrome, and addresses many fears that expectant parents face

Dreams in Reality: 4:10 – this video highlights everyday triumphs of many people with Down syndrome

Monica and David: 1:05:47 – full film. This is a documentary on two adults with Down syndrome who are in love. I wrote about it here; this is a great video to share either as a whole, or in parts.

John and Michael: 10:32 – an animated film on intimacy between two men with Down syndrome.

For Parents

These can be great for anyone, but the focus is for parents who have a child with Down syndrome, or are expecting a child with Down syndrome.

“My Daughter”

I’ve been looking for this on YouTube but it’s not there (yet!). Message me if you see it so I can update this link!

Absolutely stunning, heart-piercing short video about welcoming a daughter with Down syndrome.

I’m hoping to augment this list of the best Down syndrome awareness videos, so please do list any of your favorites that I’ve missed in the comments!

Also note: I will not link to any videos that do have captions (even “craptions” – automatic YouTube captions). If I can’t “hear” it, I won’t promote it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I so enjoyed watching them!

    This is a great documentary on people with disabilities that are given a platform in order to make their own contributions that relive fears and raise expectations.

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I so enjoyed watching them!

    This is a great documentary on people with disabilities that are given a platform in order to make their own contributions that relive fears and raise expectations.

  3. Meriah; Kristi; everyone:

    WOW! So good to experience the Bus Stop Film in this list.

    Bus Stop Films are doing another project – this time in the film world – or in the streaming world.

    Also I enjoy and learn from Open Future Learning.

    Kirsti: appreciated the mention of People Like Us.

    Also Belonging Matters films are really good.

    At the start of this year I really appreciated the film with Devon Adelman – HiHoKids.

    Hoping a fiction or documentary about Drag Syndrome in Michigan comes up.

    It is 25 years since Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Broken Heel in Broken Hill is celebrating up big.

    An important lesson this – athleticism and taking risks.

    There is a good film about Max, an artist. Yes, Max Auley.

    And my favourite would probably be about Eliza Schaaf – her friend Ruby Stocking made it in 2010. Schaaf is an advocate and artist – specifically in ceramics – and she makes these awesome PowerPoint presentations.

    1. Thank you!!! Wow, so much to check out in your suggestions! I really appreciate them; thank you!!

    1. I would love the link, Mardra! I haven’t seen it.
      Thank you!

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