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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_message message_box_style=”outline” style=”round” icon_fontawesome=””]This is a collection of planner reviews, different strokes for different folks.

Please note: the Law of Attraction Planner (not the Law of Attraction Project Planner; just the plain Law of Attraction Planner) completely stole its concept, layout and design from Passion Planner. It’s pretty gross.

I myself order the Passion Planner.[/vc_message][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]I was putting the finishing goals for 2017 in my personal planner and ordering my personal Law of Attraction Planner for 2018 when it occurred to me that I should write a post about it. Not about the process of finishing goals or ordering the planner (haha); just a post about which planners I think kick ass, cuz mama…. I am Planner.Person.

Now, I’m not going to draw this out and include a ton of planners for the sake of putting more in; I’m only including ones I’ve tried (and think highly of). None of us have time for bullshit. This is the short and sweet (tried n’ true) list:

The Best Personal Planners for 2018

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Passion Planner Dated Jan-Dec 2018 - Goal Oriented Daily Agenda, Appointment Calendar, Reflection Journal - Compact Size (A5) Sunday Start (Black)

Okay, so. I originally had the Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner - 2018 Planner to Increase Productivity & Happiness - Weekly Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal (Dated 2018 Rose Gold) + Bonus Planner Stickers planner here, which is what I used for 2017. It was awesome. But after posting this, my friend told me that the planner is a complete and direct rip-off of the Passion Planner. Like, word-for-word, page for page.

That’s super bad.

So, I’m going to return my own order and buy the Passion Planner myself: I cannot STAND the idea of someone’s awesome idea getting ripped.

Why it’s good:

  1. Tons of blank pages in the back for notes/ideas/writing
  2. Leather cover, bound well
  3. It’s plain – you do the pretty-making
  4. Dated (with an undated version)
  5. Lots of room for the writing out gratitude and intentions
  6. Room for your year vision boarding, law of attraction stuff (vibration lifting, action steps, goal setting and more
  7. “Positive Habit Maker”, quotes, day priorities

Where it might be a con:

  1. Sometimes I get tired of making it pretty
  2. The detail for life-vision-goals can be overwhelming
  3. No tabs (between sections/months) and only one pocket

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Black Daily Planner 2021-2022 by Panda Planner - Organizer Planner for Goals, Gratitude & Focus - Weekly & Monthly Agenda Sections - Undated 90 Day Planner

Why it’s good:

  1. There are different versions (pro/color/standard)
  2. It is extremely comprehensive for daily planning
  3. Room for writing notes, goals and gratitude
  4. The paper quality is good
  5. It’s plain: you design most of it
  6. It’s undated
  7. It’s big (standard letter-sized)

Where it might be a con:

  1. It’s undated
  2. It’s big (standard letter sized)
  3. It’s plain: you need to do the pretty-making part of it
  4. SO. MUCH. DETAIL. You really can go all-out and plan every aspect of your life here – can be too much for some people

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Paper House Productions PL0003 Live Bold 18 Month Planner Undated Hardcover

Why it’s good:

  1. It’s 18th month
  2. There are pockets to stash stuff
  3. Tabs for the months
  4. Room for writing notes, goals and gratitude
  5. The paper quality is outstanding: you can write in it with an ultra-fine sharpie (my pen of choice) and it won’t bleed to the next page
  6. It’s very colorful
  7. Stuff like, “The Best is Yet to Come”  and super pretty designs
  8. The price. Hard to beat $12-$18

Where It Might Be a Con:

  1. It’s very colorful – if you like to draw/color, you won’t find room for your own stuff here. That’s why I didn’t continue with it – I found that I like coloring and drawing myself more than I like having it done for me
  2. It’s not full-sized – it’s a little smaller than letter-sized.
  3. There are not a lot of blank pages for notes
  4. Spiral…. 🙁 not my personal fave


Practical Personal Planners:

(or: planners without a spiritual component)

I’m only going to include two planners here, both of which I liked and used. Sometimes you want something that’s just well-thought out OR that’s high quality and you can really draw in it. Right?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]


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Erin Condren Planners

Why it’s good

  1. Sharpie-worthy paper quality
  2. The planners feel practical: details like tabs, stickers, spaces in the right place for writing
  3. There is huge range of planners – from teacher’s planners (which I LOVED) to life, budget, personal planners – dated, undated – it’s all there
  4. They are colorful

Where it might be a con:

  1. Spiral bound
  2. Does not include the gratitude or “spiritual” aspects
  3. Not a lot of blank room
  4. The covers don’t scratch my appreciative itch, the font and designs are not inspirational

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Of course. I used the length-wise oriented blank art travel journal for years.

Those blank art journal books are great for paper quality and ability to paint/collage/whatever-the-hell-you-want in them. They are also great for punching out a passionate plan.

These new collections are also awesome – the “Wellness” journal, “Home and Life” and of course, “Travel”. The concepts are solid, lots of detail, but the paper quality is thin. Can’t use sharpies with the new ones, and the line size is pretty narrow.

Still, they are great planners.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_separator color=”turquoise” style=”shadow” border_width=”6″ el_width=”60″][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]These are my top picks. I am ordering the Passion Planner myself. I hope you find one that meets/exceeds your own needs here, and if you find something not on this list, holla in the comments, okay?! Thanks[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Thanks so much for this review! I’ve been trying to keep a Bullet Journal, but the formatting is a bit overwhelming for me. After days of debating the pros and cons of the Passion Planner and the Law of Attraction Planner, you’ve finally made my decision so much easier!

    1. You got it wrong… law of attraction is not a knockoff to PP. I’ve used both and Law if Attraction is more detailed. I left PP because in 2019, they took off Easter/Good Friday while they still have Women’s Day and Idigneous People Day?!?!?

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