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Great tidings today from our yurt:


deck-1 deck-2

Yes! Taking advantage of a break in the rain, my brother sent up a crew of guys to hammer it on out

deck-5Nothing about construction up here is easy. I mean, you take the normal hard stuff related to construction and times it by 3 – because you have to get the materials up here by way of some pretty fierce roads, and then deal with building off the grid (which means limited power supplies, no phone lines, etc). Oh, and the weather. It really did rain around 17 inches last month.

deck-2-2These guys are going to be putting in a deck, and most likely, a washroom and shower. They might even do some more?!

deck-4All of the kids were in school today – the first time in around 2 weeks because of spring break last week and the pre-school schedule for Mack and Moxie.

That means I sat by the window with half-bated breath and watched the deck emerge (while working on A Day in the Life with Down syndrome and Down syndrome Blogs – stay tuned, because cool stuff will be coming out of that site!).

deck-3It’s like, every time I look at it, I feel like smiling, but then I’m scared to smile in case Something Happens

deck-1-2They were prepping up the area by our front door, where a mud room is planned.

Anyway, that’s it, but I just wanted to tell you about this because it’s just every kind of exciting for me.

(more butterflies looking at that half-finished deck – ack!!!)


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