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This is a basic definitions post, for reference. It covers basic definitions of “little d” or “small d” deaf, “big D” or “large D” Deaf and of Hard of Hearing.

The Definition of “little d” deaf:

“Little d” or “small d” deaf are those of us whose primary language is not signed. We are are more oral than not, usually raised in hearing communities. We usually speak and we are likely to use hearing ware (- hearing aids, cochlear implants or other hearing tools). We are also likely to lipread.

We may be deaf as children or acquire deafness throughout our lives or later in life. There may be no hearing present at all, or may be some.

The Definition of “big D” Deaf:

“Big D” Deaf or “large D” Deaf means that one’s native language is signed (ASL for example), and that one’s culture is Deaf. This is important because being “big D” Deaf does not mean you hear nothing. There are hearing people who are Deaf, because they were raised in Deaf families within Deaf culture.

The Definition of Hard of Hearing:

Hard of Hearing (HOH) means that one has a hearing loss. That loss can be a little or lot, mild or profound and they can still identify as HOH. HOH may or may not use signed language, usually wear hearing ware, and living in hearing spaces.

The Difference Between “little d” deaf and Hard of Hearing:

There may be no physical difference. It may simply be a matter of identity.

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