The Difference Between and

understanding the difference between and

Wordpress is a framework.

The analogy that I was using in Understanding and Setting Up Your Website Host and Domain, you can think of it as the foundation. It’s not your house itself; that’s more like your site, and it’s not the land that your house is built on; that is your hosting platform. It really is more like your foundation than anything.

WordPress itself is a framework or system upon through which you design your site.

The system is free, and comes through

What happens with is they provide you with free hosting and site security while you use the free WordPress system (which is put out to the world through The catch in this is that you don’t have complete control over your site, nor can you run the gamut of options that you can with

If you are into building a site for fun, NOT profit, and if you are not bothered by not being able to have full control over your own site, then this is a great option. It’s free, it’s maintained by someone else, it gives you a nice assortment of plugins which will change aspects of your site.

There is nothing at all wrong with this option, and I strongly encourage people who know they don’t want to make money from their site or do lots of out-of-the-box creative things or linkages, etc, to do this.

But if you do want to make money from your site, or have lots of options through plugins and if you do want to have full control of your content, then self-hosting using is the way to go.

A good post to read more on this is vs., by WPExplorer

The Complete Tutorial Will Include:

  1. Hosting & Domain
  2. Installing WordPress (which is free) on your domain and how to sign in
  3. Understanding your Dashboard
  4. Essential plugins, including basic set up for site protection and backup
  5. Themes
  6. Integrating social media


We can see where we are at that point, but I think it’s also worthwhile for you to understand how to troubleshoot from you cPanel on your host (which is why it’s so valuable to self-host as opposed to free-host).

Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Holla!

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