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This is about the Kindness Calendar, which can be used at any time of course, but it was made with Down Syndrome Awareness Month in mind.

It has been updated to include a new (free) printable with graphics and a pdf list (which might for easier reading for some people),

Taking this one step further and inspired by Action for Happiness, I have created a Kindness Calendar for the month of October

1. The First  (Free Printable) Kindness Calendar

There are suggestions for each day of the month for an act of kindness.

The calendar is undated, so you can use it any year, and really, for any month (it doesn’t have to be October).

It’s shareable (of course! spread the love!), and there are some suggestions for deep-impact items on the side (like, hire a person with a Down syndrome) as well as links for more information.

The Kind Acts:

Some of the acts of kindness in the Kindness Calendar are about being kind to our own selves. Some are for being kind to others.

These are suggestions, meant to jump-start a month in which we can challenge ourselves to be kind whenever possible, to strive to seize opportunities to share joy in the world.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Down Syndrome Acceptance Month!

October is Down syndrome Awareness Month in the United States. It’s a time that we, as a Down syndrome community, help our larger, mainstream community understand a little more about what Down syndrome actually is, and what it means. It’s a time when we celebrate the people with Down syndrome in our lives, and move forward with focused advocacy.

How to Celebrate Down Syndrome:

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the presence of people with Down syndrome in our world. It seems to me that the thread of kindness seems to run through many of them.

We practice random acts of kindness on World Down Syndrome Day (3/21) as well as throughout the month of October, and we take care to be a little kinder than necessary during this month.

That includes being kind to ourselves.

2. The Second  (Free Printable) Kindness Calendar: The Kindness Bucket List!

New Kindness Bucket List!

This bucket list makes it easy to pick and choose what you want to do on what day.

I have it in plain list form that’s especially for blind readers of this blog, but like all things made accessible, it’s probably also going to be useful to someone who isn’t blind! – Original Kindness Calendar Kindness Bucket List

Bucket List LARGE PRINT Kindness Bucket List ONE PAGER with SMALL PRINT

Direct Download links for the Kindness Calendar and Kindness Bucket Lists

Note: The links will take you to Gumroad (where I store my stuff). You need to add your email address and it send you the download. I do not store your email address, I don’t use it to sign you up for anything. It is ONLY to send you the free printable.

The Original Kindness Calendar (with a month laid out and you follow it, day by day)

The Kindness Bucket List (with graphics and check marks and you decide what you want to do, when)

The Kindness List Large Print (no graphics, plain text and check marks because, hey! Checkmarks are so fun!)

The Kindness List One Pager with Small Print (no graphics, plain text and check marks, prints on one page)

image of a calendar with each day filled with a kind action to complete

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