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This post is about the One Page Profile – a one-sheet information piece about your child with Down syndrome which you can present to the IEP team or any other team to quickly introduce your child and your family.

Tiffany Stafford, blogger at Our Three Little Birds, created a fantastic “One Page Profile” for her daughter. This profile includes information about her daughter’s learning style, her personality, preferences, loves and more.

It’s the perfect visual introduction – almost like an extended business card!

Tiffany graciously allowed her template to be copied by others over on Canva. Her post and instructions on how to do it are linked here.

I went ahead and created one for Moxie, because we have an IEP meeting coming up next week and we have people attending who have never met her: this will be the perfect way to facilitate that.

One thing in particular that I love about the One Page Profile is the inclusion of the vision statement.

I think it’s so important to share our vision for our kids – that we see a future for them that is bright, strong, confident and full of dreams that are being fulfilled. For my vision for Moxie, I wrote,

I envision Moxie learning, growing and thriving in a supportive environment that encourages her and believes in her potential and presumes competence.

I see her growing up to be a strong, resourceful, capable, creative, energetic and hardworking woman who loves, is loved, and  lives a life of her choosing.

It felt really good actually writing that out!

The profile I created is linked here (click and you can adjust and edit your own)

One Page IEP Profile

 Creating the Profile

Canva is an online program that makes creating easy.

When you head on over there, you can click on “create a design” then click on “more” to see the full scope of templates they offer.

They have all the fonts, outlines, colors and so forth that you could ever want, and you can create one with the basic sections that Tiffany started us off with, namely:

  • Vision Statement
  • Strengths
  • What Doesn’t Work
  • What Works
  • What I’m Working On
  • What I Love

All of these are suggestions to get us all started, and I thought they did the job. To see the profile I created, click on my link below, or use mine as a template.

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  1. Hello!
    I love your template but I cant seem to edit it. I have a Canva subscription. Would you be able to share an editable copy?

    1. Hi Nancy! I heard that Canva just changed it so that it’s edit-able – can you try now? If that doesn’t work, I can send you one!

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