The Problem With Being Strong

The problem with being strong is that people never see your frailties

You are like an invincible cow, plodding on

People look to you to keep the load lifted high


The problem with being strong is that sometimes your arms get really tired

And so does your neck, your back, your feet

But you are seen as strong, so your fatigue is simply unacceptable


The problem with being strong is that even when you want to give up and lay down, you can’t

Because you care too much, love too hard and can’t get the steel out of your backbone

Even when the steel is cutting you


The problem with being strong is that most people are only grateful for you when you are gone

When they’ve realized what you did or what you were about.


For you – reading this post right now – I am sending you one big virtual hug, okay?

Because you are strong. And I know you need it.

We all do.



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