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I’m feeling pretty vulnerable today.

I am guest posting on Amy Julia Becker’s blog, Thin Places. She is running a series by women regarding their choices in prenatal testing – my contribution is

I Regretted My Amnio.

The post was an honest one and as such, I feel exposed and kind of raw – like I ripped my shirt open and actually pointed out the fleshiest bits of me that might be easiest in which to hurt me (if you were so inclined).

I go back forth with myself on being fully candid, wondering where and how to draw an effective line between telling my truth and yet not making people feel uncomfortable about it.

I suppose sometimes truth is not comfortable.

Real life is often not comfortable. But maybe through that discomfort, maybe in the honest sharing of our truths, we can heal, be whole, and allow the mirror of our hearts to better reflect the Divine.

Please be gentle with me if you go over and read it.


If you are here from Amy Julia’s blog, welcome! Make yourself at home. I am rearranging the furniture (that makes up this blog) right now, but I’m sure that over sized plush chair will be comfortable. The “about” in the pages above will tell you something of myself and this blog; the “best of” is one of the areas being rearranged  but does include links to a bunch of posts that people seemed to like.

Thanks for being here.

Slice of Life,

from this morning. Moxie came on in my room right after she herself woke up, as is her wont. She digs her morning time with baby “MmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaacK!!!” (accompanied by her vigorous signing of “baby”). This was them, about an hour ago:

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Have an awesome day.




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  1. Hailey had these same pjs on this morning. I love seeing her with baby Mac. It almost makes me sad that Hailey is the baby in our family! Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly on Amy’s blog.

  2. I read your blog. Beautiful. Especially how it is Moxie’s life to live. Your candidness and honesty are always so refreshing.

  3. here from Amy Julia’s site. You are one of my heros. already. have a great day.

  4. Beautiful, honest post. Beautiful, amazing family. Dev (16yr with DS) is our middle child. We had an amnio with our oldest (now 18) after a funky ultrasound too–very hard–. All turned out “typical”–not perfect or easy. When we had another funky ultrasound and normal triple test with Dev so we dismissed it, and received the Dx at birth. 6yrs later we threw caution to the wind (husband active duty and deployed 2 weeks after 9-11)and were blessed with another pregnancy… Having a “high-risk” pregnancy (now I was almost 35 and had a child with DS) was scary, I dreaded the ultrasound.
    Love, Love the pictures of Moxie and the baby, she will be a wonderful big sister, and her sib will be a better person too. We see this every day with our 3.

  5. Totally in tears here. You are a beautiful person, Meriah, and I am glad to know you. Thank you for sharing such personal, honest, and raw piece of your heart.

  6. delicious moments betweeen moxie and her baby — now im heading over to thin places

  7. I wish you had the photo too of her wanting to climb on your knee, and then tending her own baby doll, as she watched you with her usual blissful smile, tending Mac who was cradled on your other knee.
    And then putting the hat on her baby doll, as you had put the hat on Mac. The fire of joyfulness she (and Micah – and Mac)… lights in my heart keeps it burning throughout the day and into the night. Blessed, doubly blessed, triply blessed! Actually…7 times blessed.

  8. Wow. Incredible post. I’d feel a little vulnerable too, but I am so glad you shared that part of yourself.

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