The Secret Skill: Why “Help” Isn’t A Dirty Word


We can feel almost too proud to ask for help now and again. But while we have numerous resources at our disposal, that idea of asking for help is something that, in many ways, we can feel is a weakness. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing…

Sometimes We Need To Reach Out…

That stiff upper lip attitude of trying to push on, is, on occasion, the equivalent of cutting off our nose to spite our face. So many of us feel that by pushing on and doing things ourselves, we are doing what is best for our well-being. In fact, when we operate like this, without any help, while it is supposedly “character building”, we’re not always equipped to deal with specific situations. Of course, there are resources that we know, deep down, we’re not able to push through by ourselves. One of the most obvious examples is in a legal parameter, if we are embroiled in some form of discrimination in the workplace, we can make the most of legal teams like Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP but it’s that initial need to ask for help we have to come to terms within ourselves.

Coming To Terms With Asking For Assistance

Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, and if you have the attitude that it’s highlighting weakness, the fact of the matter is that you’ve been strong for too long. Overcoming unique obstacles in life is something we can take pride in, and when we don’t have people that understand what we’re going through around us, in many ways we have to push through it by ourselves. But as each and every one of us has resources in an emotional context, we have to realize that asking for help isn’t something that makes us any less of a human being. Yes, we can go through trials and tribulations in our life that are unique to us, but this doesn’t stop us leaning on someone just for that bit of extra emotional support.

Opening The Gates…

And once you come to terms with this, asking for help becomes apparent, not as a sign of weakness, but a sign that you are accomplished within yourself. That you are of the constitution in which you are relaxed enough to admit that you don’t know everything. We can feel embarrassed that we have to ask for help or that we don’t know something, but we can’t know everything. This is why every single one of us in the world needs help and support on occasion. Once we learn those lessons that we don’t have in our emotional arsenal, we can use them to support ourselves. And then, when another issue arises, we can ask for help yet again.

We have to get over the fact that asking for help is a sign of weakness, and if you feel like this, it can take some time to come to terms with. But once this becomes part of your emotional makeup, as far as self-care is concerned, it is a fantastic skill that we can all learn to improve our lives.