The State Within My Uterus

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. This is my belly-Boo, somewhere in there, all half-baked:

Yes – somewhere in there.
Here he is!

The little caveman. So cute, isn't he?
We went in for the long ultra-sound last week, in which they measured oh, just about everything they could get their beam upon. His head, bones, lips. Shoe size!

(he'll take "newborn" when the time comes, thank you!)


Everything is as it "should" be and he's progressing firmly on the path of a typically developing baby boy.
He moves a lot. I enjoy it.

In fact, I think I am enjoying this pregnancy in a way I never got to with my first two – this time, with Micah I was planning my wedding and was wondering how in the hell I was going to get a maternity wedding dress (- I ended up getting a regular dress from H&M – $32). This time with Moxie, I was making myself sick with anxiety and fear over her Down syndrome diagnosis.

With Boo, I'm just enjoying him, his movement. Chasing the other two all day – plus the fact that I'm 39 now, not exactly a spring chicken – exhausts me but at the same time, I look at the kids I have and I'm deeply delighted that they will get Boo and Boo will get them.

In terms of size.

My belly has expanded considerably in the way of inches. I feel like I easily look as big around as I did when I was 7 months pregnant with Micah

He was in there!

Speaking of being pregnant with Micah. I gained 90 pounds when I was pregnant with him. Yes! 90! This was a stunning combination of quitting my 20-year pack-a-day smoking habit and being full-force in big time LOVE. I'd eat with Mikey, we'd stare at each other for hours with sophomoric grins, cuddle, eat more…sleep… watch some Antiques Roadshow…eat…sleep… grin…eat…eat…eat… (In fact, Micah's middle name Alaisdair comes from Antiques Roadshow).

I didn't mind it at all, gaining the weight. I was happy – thrilled even – to have finally quit smoking. I was happy to be gaining and not be worried – with my history with eating disorders, it felt good to just relax into something that was drenched in joy.

I lost 70 of those pounds, then gained 20 with Moxie. It took for-ever to lose Moxie's 20, but I did. I started this adventure with Boo 20 pounds heavier than I had at the start of all my babies.

Mindful of my being 39 and how how hard it was to lose the poundage, I am watching it more carefully now. Not as much – or any – Antiques Roadshow.

So tell me: how did you stay in a good weight range during your pregnancy? Any recipes on filling low-cal, no-chemical foods for me?

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  • I just found your blog, and wanted to throw in my support! I am pregnant as well, (13 weeks) and just turned 40 last week. My eldest is 11, and has DS/autism, and this one will be #4. I am feeling many of the same emotions! I will have to put you on my blogroll. 🙂

  • How did you lose the 70lbs? I have a good 30 to lose and it is not “melting away” with breastfeeding as I was told it would!

    • oh that “melting away” is total baloney! For some people anyway. I couldn’t lose hardly any weight at ALL till I stopped breastfeeding. My body just holds the fat tight. But I started losing big chunks of the 70 when we went to Paris and I was walking a lot more and eating more fat. I guess I needed fat? I don’t know. I also joined WW but it didn’t get me to lose as much as the walking/fat diet did.

      WW is awesome – are you on it?

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