Things I Learned This Week

1. I need to carry Tums at all times. At. All. Times.


2. It's probably better to chill out and enjoy the "treat" of Micah reading… everything. The milk carton. The cheese package. The road signs. The store signs. The menu. Enjoy his logic of, "but the chocolate sauce says "organic", Mommy…that means it's good for me."


3. Bringing Moxie's own little shopping cart to Trader Joe's in an effort to engage her in hands on learning? FAIL. Unless I want the entire dessert display wrecked – as it was – by her "hands on learning".


4. I think I need to try a little harder to schedule my Boo-Baby check ups when the kids aren't around. I have to give those new, glowing parents-to-be a little break… they get so absurdly (or adorably?!) scared after they watch my two in ACTION for the 20 minute wait – which includes their widended eyes as Micah announces to the whole entire floor that MOMMY NEEDS TO PEE NOW, includes Moxie tipping over the BOB stroller and cackling, includes them running around, chasing each other, in circles and my rushing after them with exhausted pleas to stop, ending with the resounding, TIME OUT!


Those poor parents. They never look quite as glowing and excited after they are around us.


5. Labs on the other hand, should be scheduled with the kids. The labs are always full of old people and old people LOVE my two. They get the biggest kick out of Micah's "Doctor" bossiness, Moxie's antics. They laugh and look like I'm doing them a public service, making them forget everything in their lives but for those 20 minutes (why does it always seem like its 20 minutes?).


5. Mothers in Law can be wonderful. Mine was an awesome good sport as she visited us from France/Vietnam. First, taking us out to some of the best Chinese food, ever, with the whole family

First kissing and hanging out the with the kids so yours truly just spaced out, drank tea and felt like she was back in Macau.

Then keeping Micah right there so there was just Moxie to keep an eye out for

But her beloved rice was present and Uncle Loy also helped out

Uncle Loy is awesome. But make no mistake: My One True Darling's entire family is awesome. They are truly lovely, kind, caring people that I feel lucky to have married into

Then! My mother in law squeezed between the kids in the Dodge Dart, laughing at the rust on the naked car roof, chuckled at the Moroccan hat that Micah placed on her head (the hat that she gave him) and was gamely squashed for the better part of an hour.


Total good sport.


Then, she thought the taco truck would be fun and didn't mind walking around (= chasing) the kids after wards

Then she ordered TWO things of chicken feet at Dim Sum

Which put her son on Cloud 9

And my absolute, personal best favorite:

She read to Micah and Moxie. All. The. Time. The 500 million billion books that I grow weary of.

She read and read and read. Read over the breakfast table, read in bed, read in the living room, read and read and read. Oh, was that ever wonderful!


Lots more photos of the kids with my MIL – these are just the ones from the iPhone. But it was really a good visit, all around. It's not over either; we'll be visiting with the whole family again today! And my family is arriving from Blue Lake, no lake! We will be double-dipped in vats of familial love!


You have a good weekend, too. Tell me all about it when you can.


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  • Man I wish I was there with you guys! I keep on going to New York or other places but the place to be is in Cal with you!!!!! 


    the pictures are adorable, I am so blessed to have you as my family. And yes my mother is by far a good mother in law compared to some, trust me!!! 

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