Throwing The Perfect Home Party For Your Teen

If your teenager (with or without a disability) has a birthday or other special event coming up, and you want to celebrate it with them, there are many things you can do to do just that. One of the best ways to celebrate any occasion is to throw a party, and this is something you can easily do in your home if you really want to ensure that they have a great time. Of course, depending on their age and the relationship you have, you might find that they don’t want to actually do this! But if they into the idea of it, go for it.  In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to make sure that it ends up being a great experience.

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Plan Well Ahead

The more time you give yourself to plan it all out, the more likely it is that you will be able to get it right, so bear that in mind when you are thinking of doing this. If you can give yourself a good month to get it ready, then you will dramatically increase the chances of the day going as smoothly as you would hope. Last minute planning is never  good idea. I think we all know that. So give yourself plenty of time to really plot it out and get things ready.

Give Them Free Reign

This is hard for a lot of parents – myself included! But you for them to  genuinely enjoy themselves they need to feel like you are not breathing down their back – so try and  give them free reign of the home on that evening. This is actually a great way to practice some parenting pieces that you set in place long ago – like, pieces related to saying “no” and/or making wise choices, or choices they will feel comfortable with the next day. So, give them some free reign! Stay in your room or actually leave the house for a while. Image Credit

Get Some Live Music

It isn’t really a party without music, and most all of us parents can and would strum up an awesome playlist and thrill our kids with our speakers. But if you really want to make it special,  you might want to think about getting hold of a live band. There is nothing quite as good as a live band, and if you manage to find the perfect live band for the occasion it will make the whole night much more special for everyone involved. I mean, can you even imagine how your kid will feel: your taking the time to figure out all the details of this party, then giving them some free reign, AND allowing them to have a live band there for it to boot?! Yeah. Pretty unforgettable.

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Limited Decorations

For your teenager, you don’t really need to worry about decorating the house, so I wouldn’t stress it. But if you think that a little decoration would take the party to another level, then keep it light. This could work if it is for a Halloween party, for instance, or if you are sure that the decorations will really enhance it. It’s better not to go overboard with this though; your 17-year old isn’t 7, they are a lot more likely to be way more interested in their friends coming than they are with the party decorations. Check in with them by all means, but be ready to stow absolutely all decorations!

The Invitations

Something which is probably best item to them is the invitations. In all likelihood, they will have a very clear idea of who they want to be there and who they would rather avoid, so it is best to just let them do it. The only caveat you might want to invoke for your own sake, and the sake of your home, is a limit on how many people they can invite. As long as they stick to that, they can invite who they like, and that will ensure that it is going to be a much more enjoyable event on the whole. But make sure that they are keen to stick to the limit you give them, as otherwise your home might suffer terribly!

The Party of a Lifetime

With all of those pieces in place, your teen is set to enjoy the party of their life! Live music, friends, some free reign. These are all things that a lot of us parents wish we had enjoyed as teens, right? So let’s give our kids the party that we wished we had enjoyed ourselves.