To Name Your Child "Moxie"

what is in a name? would your child named "moxie" be the same if you named her say, "prudence"?
Naming her “Moxie” made so much sense.>
At the time, that is
>We didn’t really think about what a girl whose name
is synonymous with courage and spirit,
verve and vigor
and would
be like
she found Daddy’s tobacco. on the shelf.
and rolling paper too! WOO-HOO!
I wonder sometimes…
would she be walking Mayhem if we had
named her…
Or what about
She’s got that all right.
In spades.

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  • I have a feeling she’d be doing it even if her name was Prudence. But I am so glad she is Moxie. We just did some serious baby-proofing this morning after Cora fell off the bed this week. I felt SO guilty. And just removed box-spring & frame to put mattress on the floor. Yes, the girl has finally started moving and is getting a bit faster every day. Exciting for me now. But I guess I better be ready for pure exhaustion soon!

  • She’s like that at Habitot too – I feel like I’ve walked – or ran – 5 miles just trying to keep up with her for the couple of hours we are there! She knows exactly what she wants when she wants it – and she knows how to get it – one way or another!

  • LOL!!! Any of those pictures could be from my living room also! Every night it seems like a huracane just hit us!!!

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