To Number One On the Occasion of His 5th Birthday

Micah, the other day you turned to me and said, “Mommy! My name has 5 letters in it!

M-I-C-A-H has 5 letters!”

I told you that that was so cool because you are turning 5 years old, too. 5 years old and 5 letters in your name. Wow. That doesn’t happen often.


M-I-C, from M-I-C-h-a-e-l (Daddy) and A-H, from m-e-r-i-A-H (Mommy).

M-I-C-A-H, of Michael. Friend of God.

M-I-C-A-H, the prophet in the Bible who was for social justice.

M-I-C-A-H, our beloved “Number One”, first born, bright shining beautiful boy.


M is for Musical (Daddy says “Marvelous”)

I is for Inquisitive (Daddy says, “Intelligent”)

C is for Creative (Daddy says, “Caring”)

A is for Artistic (Daddy says “Artistic” too)

H is for Happy (Daddy says, “Humourous”)

IMG_1244 IMG_1261

You were lifted out of me on this day, 5 years ago. I had no idea how much you would change our lives. How one tiny little (screaming, meconium-covered) boy could completely alter our world.

How in love with you we would fall.

IMG_3220-002 IMG_4685

We had no idea how many times we were to read Goodnight, Gorilla. Or Wheels on the Bus. Or watch Misty Island Rescue and hear the glories of the Logging Locos and Dash, Nash and Ferdinand (are those the names, darling? I always get them wrong).

The things you say, Number One! When you are talking about “warp coils” and going to different “sectors” in the house to get something. “Fuel ejectors are offline!” and wheels “malfunctioning.” You make us laugh, straight from our bellies.  Star Trek every night is great for the vocabulary, isn’t it!


Oh Micah. Our big/little boy, growing so fast in an enormously small world. Your bones are shooting up and forward like that huge sunflower you grew all by yourself last year.

IMG_2030 IMG_2031

I want you to slow down because I want to enjoy this time with you, forever. But forever is a long, long time – so maybe that’s not a good thing. Maybe it’s okay you are growing – it just makes me want to hold you tight, precious, beautiful boy, you.

IMG_2949 IMG_1395

Happy, happy birthday, Micah. M-I-C-A-H. 5 letters in your name and 5 years under your belt.

We are so happy you joined us.

xoxoxo love from,

Mommy (and Daddy too)


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