Chronicles of Micah & His Tooth Fairy


On August 22, 2011, Micah was 3 years old and I wrote the following post here on this blog:

In the random way that conversations start in our place, the subject of the Tooth Fairy popped up as dinner was wrapping up last week

Micah (M): I don’t want to lose my tooth!

Mikey: it won’t hurt at all, it just comes out and then you put your tooth under your pillow and the TOOTH FAIRY flies over and gets it for her HOUSE, because you see her whole house is made of teeth and she can build new rooms with new teeth she gets

M: but I don’t want her to come

Mikey: you know, she gives you something in exchange for the tooth she takes: fair trade!

M: (slightly suspiciously) like what?

Mikey: well, it might be a little book or a train or some coins (you could just see him frantically scrambling to mentally find something not too pricey and not too unhealthy that was still attractive to Little Man)

M: coins? like a pirate?

Mikey: yes! like a pirate!

M: but I don’t want her to come!

Mikey: do you want to see a picture of her? see what she looks like?

Micah said yes, so I went to the computer and google-imaged up some photos of ‘tooth fairy’. Micah didn’t like the white lady with the blonde hair, so we stuck with the cartoon figure with the whacky grin.

Me: you like her? okay, so she’ll be your tooth fairy!

Mikey: and you will be all right with seeing her in a few years?

Micah: NOOOOOOOO, I don’t want her to come in my room! I need to put up a sign on my door so that NO TOOTH FAIRY will come in

Mikey: okay, no problem, just put a sign on the door to let her know that 

Micah: the sign will say, X, A, D, O and that will spell,




4 Years Later, he lost 2 two teeth, in rapid succession of each other, both in New York City.

Meriah Nichols New York-35

Meriah Nichols New York-36We decided to wait till we got back home to request a visit from the Tooth Fairy, and unfortunately, um… I lost the teeth. He wasn’t as against the Tooth Fairy as he had been at 3, but he was kind of half-assed about the entire thing. So it just fell through the cracks.

Nearly ONE YEAR LATER, he lost his third tooth.

Meriah Nichols-14

Meriah Nichols-13

Meriah Nichols-11

Meriah Nichols-10Since Micah is now very interested in money and the possibilities of exchanging his teeth for some, he wanted to establish a relationship with this Entity.

He wrote to the Tooth Fairy:

Meriah Nichols-1to: tooth fairy

I have lost two teeth but, I have Lost them. In this envelope is a inscisser. Love, Micah

So, he was sort of trying to see if he could garner any sympathy from her for the two lost teeth! Right on, kid.

I The Tooth Fairy gave him $20 for all 3 teeth – and wrote so – and he was so inspired by this financial windfall that he wiggled out his 4th tooth the next day or so:

WIGGLING... (he saw this photo and said he looked like a one-toothed vampire)
WIGGLING… (he saw this photo and said he looked like a one-toothed vampire)

Another letter was written.

Meriah Nichols-4I completely forgot about the tooth and my responsibilities in the matter and was lying in the bed the next morning, idly scrolling through my phone pictures when I saw that gem (above). And freaked out.

Meriah Nichols-2Thank God he’s such a heavy sleeper though!


So then, after breakfast, Micah turns to me and says, “Mommy, isn’t it interesting that the envelopes that I use to write to the Tooth Fairy and put my tooth in are the same brand that the Tooth Fairy uses to reply with?”

Yes, Micah, that IS interesting.

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