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The NDSC Conference is happening right this very minute, over in Denver (which I can’t think of without getting John Denver on auto-looping-ear-worm-play in my head) and boy do I want to be there right now! These are my top 5 reasons why, listed in random order of importance:

1. People:

EVERY-BODY except Melissa is there (but wait – do you know there is a facebook group called “Moms Named Melissa Who Have a Child with Down syndrome”? It’s true. There is). I think she and I are the only ones not there? Becca’s there, Courtney and her posse are, Kecia is there and that’s just off the top of my Instagram feed.

2. Dancing:

I LOVE DANCING!!! And the NDSC Conference has it! A place where we can all get down!

3. Staying in a Hotel.

This is my place:


See, I have this 3 year old named MOXIE and she can tear down any given room in two minutes, timed. Plus, she likes to be “helpful” and resolve problems before they’ve even happened:


A hotel stay right about now sounds like heaven.


These are my daily conversation partners:

IMG_8275 IMG_8287


I’m not even sure I’d know what to do with my tongue when faced with lots of people that don’t need to be told to not hit each other or to SHARE, ok, cuz SHARING is CARING and by golly, WE CARE.

I’d probably start out with something, then it’d catch up with me along the way, OH MY GOD YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING! and I would start crying or do something equally embarrassing.

But still.

Adults. Swoon.

5. People with Down syndrome:

I would dearly love to have friends with Down syndrome and frankly, it bothers me that I don’t. I’d love to be in a place where I can meet and make friends with adults with Down syndrome. The photos from the convention boast lots of photos of couples with Ds, of adults with Ds, of more adults with Ds holding kids with Ds and all of those photos make me long to connect with those folk.


3 out of my 5 reasons are really just people, and my other two reasons are completely frivolous (-dancing and staying at a hotel?). I feel like I should say how I yearn to go to workshops and learn more and it’s TRUE, I do. There is so very much more that I want to learn about how this extra chromosome presents itself and how I can best help guide my daughter and help her thrive.

But right now, I’d most like to just dance. And make new friends, meet people in real life that I’ve only connected with virtually. And yeah, sleep between crisp, clean sheets with a super clean floor.

Those of you there? I’m counting on you for notes! Info! Photos! And a big huge one: those of you connecting with Emma Saylor and Patti Richmond, I’m really looking forward to knowing what I can do to help further #justiceforethan.

(take some of y’all dancing, would you? thanks, love from, your friend, Meriah)


mack playing with his disco ball. that's mah boy!
mack playing with his disco ball. that’s mah boy!


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  1. Even Flat Adrienne is there! Those photos are cracking me up! !

  2. Girl, next time, come on out! I gotta guest room, and I’m 20 min from downtown Denver! And there are express buses!

  3. well I can give you the company of my niece who is autistc and Ds, A semi clean room with a clean floor (I know cause I mopped it three times after falling asleep with tea in my hand and clean sheets (see clean floor reasoning) Now dancing – oh it’s the weekend and the idiiot who lives behind me cranks out music at a VERY LOUD VOLUME and you can either dance or start twitching with the super loud bass. Sorry it’s not Denver but the NE has had high hot weather so you can pretend…

      1. Happy birthday to Teddy! And birthing day to you, Mama! I’d love to meet him.

  4. You were missed, Meriah. 🙁 Amazing how many of my ‘virtual’ friends were there that I got to meet in real life! It was a blast. Love the photo of your place, btw… Does sharing a hotel room with two double beds and 4 people count?

  5. We missed you at convention!! (And yes, I love the Moms Named Melissa Who Have a Child with Down syndrome group) It was awesome to meet so many people in person. I had a great conversation with Patti Saylor and filled my head with tons of great info. As soon as I can see my desk at work I hope to get a few blog posts up!

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