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Top 9 of 2019: My Top 9 (and How to Make Yours!)

Top 9 of 2019: My Top 9 (and How to Make Yours!)

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This is about the Top 9 on Instagram.

There are links at the end of the post to where you can pull together your own image grid.

Top 9 on Instagram

If you have been active on Instagram through the course of a year, then the Instagram Top 9  is always a fun way to see your year in review.

What it does is automatically pull the posts that were liked the most by those that follow you, and puts them into a collage grid.

It’s interesting to see what others have liked that you post, and it’s interesting to see aspects of your year pulled together randomly and automatically.

Here was my own Top 9 of 2019 (@meriahnichols on Instagram )

Top 9 of Instagram 2019 Meriah Nichols

Wow, what a year.

Top left: the kids and I at the bathhouse in Budapest, Moxie with the “Just Like Me” doll (with a cochlear implant), Moxie ready to boogie board

Middle Row: Moxie and her friend in at her friend’s home in Budapest, Moxie swimming!, Moxie and mommy (- me),

Bottom: me accepting the keys to the house I just bought, the kids and I after hiking, and Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Hawaii

It’s been an amazing year.

From traveling all over Europe with the kids to buying a house and all the stuff in between (swimming, hiking, watching movies, IEP’s, 504’s and going back to school for this mama!), it’s been fantastic.

I’m excited about the coming year and what I can do now that I am more settled!

Meriah Nichols in the op 9 of 2019

Get Your Top 9 of 2019

There are a lot of apps that collect your top images of the year.

Some of the apps let you manipulate them into a more pleasing grid, or swap out images (who cares if one of your images had 300 likes? YOU liked the one with the flower better, right!!)

Here are a few:

  • Top Nine (site; doesn’t matter what system you use) – it’s free and the standard because these are the guys who started this whole thing
  • (app for iOs) – I haven’t tried it but it seems legit
  • Social Scheduling systems will collect your top 9 too: I used SmarterQueue to make mine (because I wanted to arrange my grid and it lets you do that) –   Tailwind  also has great re-arranging tool


Looking Back

Some reflection over our accomplishments in the past year is always a good thing to do, I think. “Celebrate”, as my friend Sarah says, “our done list!”

It’s important. I think it’s really important to take a moment and look through it all and realize that a year has contained so much, and we have experienced beauty, and joy in the course of the 365 days.

Go make yours! Tag me on Instagram when you post your Top 9!


one of our top 9 photos of 2019 is this family photo!
"And She Loved Being Their Mother"

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Sunday 22nd of December 2019

Gorgeous! And adventurous. Keep rocking the free world. <3


Sunday 22nd of December 2019

lol!! thank you!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.