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Traumatic Brain Injury Resources and Blog Posts

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources and Blog Posts

traumatic brain injury resources and blog posts: image of a brain and text reading "traumatic brain injury resources & blog posts"

Traumatic Brain Injury is rapidly becoming one of the most common disabilities, because of the ease with which it is acquired.

Because of this – and because I have it! – I have collected some resources for you – they are as follows.

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources and Blog Posts

The Best Books on Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Here are some of the best books on understanding traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injury symptoms, traumatic brain injury recovery, and just overall traumatic brain injury awareness. They are written from my perspective as being a person who lives with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Most of these books are linked to Amazon, which means if [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury: An Introduction from an Insider

A nifty little guide to traumatic brain injury and what it’s all about, by someone who has been living with traumatic brain injury

Meriah Nichols Talks About Having Traumatic Brain Injury

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