Travelling with Teens: How to Keep Them Occupied Abroad

Travelling with Teens: How to Keep Them Occupied Abroad


Ah, teenagers. A difficult breed to understand. Travelling with this lot has its ups and downs, but ultimately poses something of a challenge to parents. Today, let’s run through five ways to keep teens occupied (and satisfied) when travelling abroad.



  • Let them have a say in planning



The teens are a lot more likely to be happy with what they’re doing if they had a part to play in choosing exactly where it is you’re going. Sure, mum and dad might love the idea of a tour of quaint country villages, but will 16-year-old Johnny get down with that plan?


This isn’t just a case of making your chosen destination that bit better for your teens, but also helping them to build necessary life skills. There are many benefits to allowing teens to plan the holiday, including learning to be independent and feeling respected as an individual (no longer being seen as a child).


  • Think about accommodation



It was all well and good to have a joint room when they were younger, but teenagers are now old enough to stay in their own room when in a hotel. It might seem a scary step for parents, but remember they do exist in their own bedroom at home perfectly fine.


Your teens need their personal time away from mum and dad – just as you’ll need an escape from them. This downtime lets everyone recuperate properly, and ensures tensions don’t get excessively frayed.



  • Pick an exciting location



The kids are a bit older now, which means you’ll be able to travel to places which you might have considered something of a stretch before. Try getting out of the continent, and give something totally new a try.


It’s not just the location which you could spice up, but also the activities you’re getting involved with. When it comes to travelling with teens, why not try snorkelling, diving or skiing? You might open their eyes to a brand new hobby they’ll fall in love with.  


  • Allow smartphones



You might hate the fact the kids are always on their phones, but, sadly, you won’t be able to do much about it. Don’t bark at them to get off their devices, as this’ll probably just result in the conversation erupting into a screaming match.


A clever way to avoid this could be by designating certain times during the day when they are or aren’t allowed to use their phones or tablets. Also remember roaming charges for data usage can wrack up overseas.



  • Let them do what they want – to an extent



While you certainly shouldn’t allow them to run about willy-nilly – getting into all sorts of scrapes – teens can definitely be let off the leash a lot more than younger children. Let them decide what they want to do – even if that means spending a lazy day by the pool. Independence is one of the top tips from Mums Do Travel, so give them the much-craved freedom.

Keeping teens occupied and satisfied on holiday isn’t as hard as it sounds. Follow the advice we’ve laid out here and you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday without any hiccups.