Tulum, Yoga & Walking Birth Control

Tulum is kind of like the hippie version of Cancun.

It’s still got the refined-flour like white sand, stunning ocean, weather and sky, but the resorts are tucked amongst all the trees, so it doesn’t all seem as grossly glaring.

The resorts are different too – they practically drip with new-agey wholesomeness, yoga-camps and aromatherapy. I was kind of embarrassed by how much it all appealed to me. Even the stores, with expensive mixes of raver-tribal-wear cum Mexican-Mayan-ness looked fun. Tulum seemed kind of like a “Berkeley-by-the-Beach” to me.

meriah nichols mexico

We settled into a campsite that was nestled between two cabanas.

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Couples were tent camping were all around us and we felt like walking birth control. Seriously, there is nothing like pulling into a place that has a sexy-love-vibe going on, unloading the kids and watching people’s faces as the kids start running around letting loose.

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Then there was that great moment where Mikey had taken off Mack’s diaper a little prematurely and this turd was coming out of his bare butt right as this young (hand-holding) couple was passing by in full backside view – and Oh. My. God. – I’ll bet they won’t forget the birth control anytime soon.

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So anyway. The beach was just gorgeous, the water was warm and perfect and the whole place is worth going to.

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Mikey got upset and we had more “Pete the Cat” moments with “it’s all cool” because the little campground was charging us 400 pesos a night for boondocking, basically (- no electricity, no showers with hot water, no wifi, etc) and then were jumping on me for sitting on their beach lounge chairs (- they wanted 150 pesos for that), and then told us we couldn’t bring Kianna on the beach.

They were just bitchy.

I didn’t care that much because I was channeling Pete the Cat and I was happy that while they were they definitely bitchy, at least it felt to me like they were universally bitchy. Nothing personal, they were just bitches by nature. Bitchy, bitchy boys.

meriah nichols mexico-2

I want to go back to Tulum.

meriah nichols mexico-3I loved the beach there and, bitchy boys or not, the vibe in Tulum was a good one.

I would love to stay in a yoga resort next time though and really get my hippie-thang on. Douse myself in patchouli and grow my leg hair and swing crystals with my essential oils! Mikey would curl up and just die from mortification. But I’ll bet he’d have fun before passing out.

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We stayed at Playa Santa Fe.

400 pesos a night. A woman that we met said they were totally ripping us off; that cabanas there cost 400/night. Tent camping is something like 150/person/night.


It’s wheelchair accessible to the beach if your chair can ride on sand. I crutched over sand dunes and it was do-able (but not fun). Bathrooms and outside showers are not.

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