More On That Two Hours to Costco Bit…

It’s been a few months since I talked about how I have to drive 2 hours to Costco. Most (Americans) can’t wrap their minds around the reality of life out here on the Lost Coast – I mean, where else in the United States does common sense and natural law rule? Where else are you going to find these kind of crazy-steep switchbacks with nothing but your head (and working car brakes) to keep you safe?

meriah nichols lost coast-33

It gets me. Every. Time.

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The drive to Costco is still 2 hours long, from our yurt on the hill.

Two hours to any big grocery store, two hours to Walgreens. Two hours to any kind of fast food. Two hours to the mall. But those two hours… oh man. They take you through another world.

meriah nichols lost coast-30 meriah nichols lost coast-25 meriah nichols lost coast-31 meriah nichols lost coast-24

meriah nichols lost coast-23-2Sometimes I think the greatest danger in driving these roads is the view.

It’s so distracting and jaw-dropping that even now, after almost 2 years of looking at this, I still am worried about driving over the edge of cliffs while looking at sunsets.

meriah nichols lost coast-22 meriah nichols lost coast-21-3 meriah nichols lost coast-20-3

And when I’m looking at these photos, it’s just such a pale imitation of how it is in real life that it reminds me of those jokes where they fall flat and people say, “you had to have been there.

It’s kinda like that here.

You have to be here to actually get how huge it is, how grand, how awe-inspiring. How alike it is to diving into some primordial landscape, one that California somehow left alone.

meriah nichols lost coast-21

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