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My Law of Attraction Project Planner: Review

This is a post about My Law of Attraction Project Planner. It is not a sponsored post; I purchased this planner myself and am currently using it. I love the concepts of the Law of Attraction (read Ask and it is Given for the big scoop). In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is about

You Ask, I Answer: Why Come Out as Disabled if You Can “Pass”as Non-Disabled?

This post is from my ongoing question-and-answer series, "You Ask, I Answer" in which I take questions that you send me and attempt to answer them (this might be a good time to say if you have a question, go ahead and write me here! It's all anonymous) Reader asks,  You don't look like you

BirdBox: A Movie with Blind Advantage, from a Deaf Perspective

This post is about the Netflix movie, BirdBox. Don't read this post if you hate spoilers, because it's full of them! My good friend came over the other day and we watched BirdBox together (pausing all the way through to make sure our kids weren't watching, that they were playing nicely, for our own popcorn

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