Update on The Best School Ever: Moxie

Summer has hit and now I can kind of just sit back and catch my breath and tell you more about what’s been going on with The Best School Ever

I’ve been struggling to stay positive in light of some pretty bad news: 2 out of Moxie’s 3 teachers are moving away.

Moxie’s lead teacher, Bev (- who also practices hippotherapy with Moxie) will be moving to Oregon to set up shop with her daughter – it will be focused on hippotherapy. More details on that later, since I know some of you reading actually live in Oregon and would want to know of this.

Moxie’s other teacher, Andrea will be moving to be closer to her husband’s family so that her son can grow up with family around.

I know all of this is understandable – moving to be with family, moving to realize a dream and work specifically with horses and people who can engage in therapy with the horses. More, I know it’s not just understandable, it’s laudable and wonderful – but it sure didn’t stop me from crying like a small child when I found out because I love these ladies. And I love their love, and I love what they bring to the class and to my little girl’s world.

I don’t know what next year is going to look like for Moxie.

She will have one teacher who also teacher who also taught her last year, and she’ll have one or two new teachers. We don’t know who they are yet, but everyone is telling me that change is good, it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be great, so maybe I should shut off my worry-valve and take the chill pill.

In summary:

  • Moxie will stay in Pre-School for another year
  • Mack will join Moxie in her class next year
  • Moxie’s friends will also be staying in Pre-School for another year – everyone will move to Kindergarten together next year
  • She will continue with Speech Therapy twice a month at school
  • She will work on horse therapy through summer (until Bev leaves) and then as soon as her legs are bit longer, we will just work on regular horseback riding with Moxie

Moxie is learning speech and tries hard to articulate. Her class is learning ASL via yours truly once a week – and the kids are soaking it up like proverbial sponges. I’m always thrilled when I see Moxie’s classmates signing and remembering what they learned so well.

Some personal goals that I have in working with Moxie over this summer include working on:

  • Reading – I have the book, Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome – I really think Moxie is ready to start reading
  • Fingerspelling – Moxie knows the alphabet, but she has trouble fingerspelling it in ASL
  • Articulating letters
  • Swimming – she loves swimming. I want to start teaching her some basic swimming skills
  • Art practice – yes, she loves art. So I think teaching her some actual techniques will be useful. I also want to get back to photography with her.
  • I wanted to work on a collaborative project with the kids, like building a treehouse or something. Something that would involve Micah doing research on how to build it, figuring out the tools and things necessary, and Moxie also working to help build it, under Micah’s tutelage. I think that would be pretty fantastic. I’m still looking for the right idea – and the time slot to give it our full attention.

I think that’s about it… We have a busy and fun-looking summer ahead of us – I’m excited about all of the things we are going to be doing, and also about next year.

Before I forget! Some photos from the morning of the last day of school for the kids:

Meriah Nichols -7 Meriah Nichols -5 Meriah Nichols -4 Meriah Nichols -1 Meriah Nichols -3 Meriah Nichols -8 Meriah Nichols -9


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  • Ellie is going to a new school next year – new kids, new teacher, new therapist. While I know that this is an exciting opportunity for her, it is sad because we have had these same teachers/therapists for the last 3 years. We are losing our awesome private ST too. Yes, change can be good, but it is still difficult to shut off the “worry valve”. My worry valve is stubborn as all get out and super sensitive. Excellent pics, Meriah.

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