Vitamin D: The Secret To Improved Wellness

Egg yolks are high in Vitamin D. Source

I’m sure you’re all aware that there are loads of different vitamins out there. Some get more coverage than others, with vitamin C mostly labeled as the vitamin everyone needs to get more of. But, did you know that vitamin D is arguably more important than a lot of other vitamins? For one thing, it’s easier to be deficient in this as it’s only in certain foods. Secondly, getting a good amount of it in your system can help your body in some truly amazing ways.

To illustrate this point, here are the incredible health benefits of supplementing vitamin D:

Keeps bones healthy & strong

Most people see calcium as the thing that keeps your bones nice and healthy. However, it’s pretty pointless without vitamin D. This vitamin helps absorb calcium into our bodies and let it work its magic. It’s found that people with a deficiency in vitamin D are likely to suffer from issues like osteoporosis – which is where your bones essentially soften, making it easier to break and damage them. So, if you really want healthy and strong bones, you must get enough vitamin D in you. Did you know the sun helps us generate more Vitamin D? Image

Reduce the chances of MS

For those that don’t know, MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, and it’s a debilitating disease that manifests itself in your brain and spinal cord. Nobody really understands what causes it, but there’s lots of research to suggest vitamin D reduces your chances of getting it – and that it can slow down your early symptoms. Websites like the Shift MS Forum are littered with people suffering from MS that discuss vitamin D usage and how it benefits them. Medical research supports this as well, so it’s a pretty significant reason to start getting more of this unique vitamin into your diet.

Slow down cancer

One of the vital functions of vitamin D is to regulate cell growth. As a result, it’s strongly suggested that it can slow down the onset of cancer in your body. It works by slowing down the growth of cancer cells, meaning it stops it from progressing into other parts of the body. Therefore, it makes cancer that little bit easier to stop in its tracks. A lot of strains of cancer can be cured when caught early, and the growth hasn’t spread. With vitamin D, you stop the growth, which means a doctor can operate or take measures to kill it. You can supplement Vitamin D through sprays or capsules. Source

Prevents the flu

This is a particularly important point during this time of the year as flu is rampant. Studies suggest that a regular vitamin D supplement will reduce your chances of catching the flu from someone. Obviously, you need to maintain good personal hygiene as well, but vitamin D definitely helps bolster your protection.

I’m willing to bet you didn’t know that vitamin D can help with all of these things. It’s a vitamin that only really gets spoken about because people think we get it from the sun. In fact, the suns rays don’t contain vitamin D, it just encourages our body to create more. The easiest way to boost your intake of this essential vitamin is through a spray. There are vitamin sprays on the market that you can spray into your mouth once per day. Alternatively, fatty foods like salmon and cheese contain plenty of it as well.