Vlogger with Down Syndrome is Busy Changing Perceptions

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A Vlogger with Down Syndrome!

Maria Jose Paiz Ariaz, a Panamanian vlogger with Down syndrome is shaking things up!

Maria vlogs (- captures short videos as a blog) for the news site, La Prensa, covering everything from her views on adults with Down syndrome to Flor Mizrachi (who is Flor Mizrachi??).

Here’s a teaser, produced by Now This:

It’s thrilling to see her strong voice and to have her emerge as a Voice from the global Down syndrome community.

The Down syndrome community is most often led by parents, who, while definitely passionate and committed to helping shift stereotypes about Down syndrome, don’t actually have Down syndrome.

As we all, we can’t ever know the experience of another, or know how it actually is to have something we don’t.

I’ll never know what it feels like to be petite and have long black hair, and I’ll also never know what it’s like to wake up and be able to hear and see (without using technology). I’ll also never know what it’s really like to have Down syndrome, so I’m grateful for programs like Maria’s that help me understand it a little more.

See all of her programs on La Prensa here.

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