Voices from the Disability Community: Meet Interesting People

Voices from the Disability Community

This fun series started off as “Cool Cats” – and really, for SEO purposes, evolved into the much more staid “Voices from the Disability Community.”

In this series, cool people with disabilities answer the same set of questions. You get to have fun with the variety of responses to the same set questions!

It’s a great way to to get know some awesome people, and also for those of you who are looking to network or find a mentor or connect, and it’s a way to meet people across the disability community.

Want to share your own Voice? Yay!

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Voices from the Disability Community in Summary:

Rich Donovan: Business man, CEO. Star Wars. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Pauline Victoria: Entrepreuner. Star Trek. Disability: limb difference (no arms, one short leg)

Neil Jacobson: IT Professional, CEO, business man. Star Trek. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Susan Henderson: Executive Director, Advocacy Professional. Star Trek. Disability: amputee

Joshua Miele, Information Accessibility Researcher. Star Trek in the brain, Star Wars in the heart. Disability: blind

Joy Elan, Poet. Star Wars. Disability: deaf

Alice Wong, National Council on Disability and Staff Research Associate. Star Trek. Disability: Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Carrie Griffin Basas, Lawyer/law professor. Star Search. Disability: Larsen’s syndrome

Tony Candela, Disability Program Administrator. Star Trek. Disability: blind

Dave Hingsburger, Blogger, Director of Clinical and Educational Services, Lecturer and Trainer. Star Trek. Disability: not specifically stated (- but wheelchair user)

Sarah Tom, Assistant Professor. Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: fibromyalgia

Gary Karp, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Performer. Star Trek. Disability: paralyzed by spinal cord injury at T12

Loren Steinberg, Systems Change Advocate. Star Trek. Disability: Arthogryposis

Corbett O’Toole, Activist/Advocate. Post-Shatner Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: polio

David Roche, Comedian. Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: facial difference

Alan Muir, Director (COSD). Star Wars. Disability: Little Person Spondylephiseal Dysplasia dwarfism

Katherine Reyes, Teacher. Star Wars. Disability: Deaf

Cara Leibowitz, Activist/Blogger. Star Trek. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Simi Linton, Writer, Dancer. Neither Star Trek/Star Wars. Disability: unspecified