Walking Sideways

Today’s Saturday and I had to triple check that. My Cool Cat profile series is on hold till I get this blog fixed – all my moaning and groaning for so long about multi-site…? Yeah, it’s still going on, but THE END IS IN SIGHT! For real, really it is. And once it is, what that means is if you are reading this blog for JUST travel or JUST disability (or art/family) – you’d want to subscribe to those feeds.

The main blog – here – will be for all posts. But all the other sites – Family With a Little Moxie, Travel With a Little Moxie, Art With a Little Moxie and Disability With a Little Moxie are in and of themselves, separate blogs. Separate blogs that will talk only about those respective subjects on those sites (- which is why if you dig one or the other but not all, you really should just subscribe to the one you like). But if you like it all – just stay right here on the main site. 🙂

And! speaking of posts! There are so many great ones this week because of it being National Down syndrome Awareness month here in the US. I’m a little overwhelmed by it all because it’s like, during this ONE MONTH, fifty million brilliant posts about Down syndrome float the internets and it’s just too much for my set of eyes to gulp down. But! Two blogs are standing out for me right now because they are fantastic writers who don’t usually write all that much – Our Cora Bean and The Unknown Contributor.

The post that had nothing to do with Down syndrome but everything to do with friendship and had me bawling? That was this one, How to Say Goodbye, from my friend Melissa.

She’s my best friend that I’ve never met and we ‘talk’ to each other pretty much all day long through texting. I have been avoiding thinking about what it’s going to be like when I’m not able to reach her.

I am convinced that in some former life we churned butter side by side in Sweden or Ireland or someplace cold. I think it had to have been someplace cold because she has this thing for knitting that I don’t think can be born so easily or quickly besides having spent one’s former life freezing. Anyway, I think we sat there, side by side, in some former life, and talked about easy things like cats and kids, in between squirts from milking the cows or butter pounds, and slipping in the harder things like justice, religion, purpose, meaning and integrity in life when our breaths were caught. Maybe we talked about Star Trek then too, but I doubt it because I picture us in our former lives with long skirts and no electricity. But who knows, right?!

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do without her while I’m on the road.

But I do know that it’s extra impetus for finding a place to settle and calling her on over and finally meeting – only then, hopefully, it will be sitting side by side on a beach – maybe she’ll knit swimsuits? – and we’ll talk about easy things like coconuts and kids, in between trickles of sand running through our feet.



My One True Darling Man, Mikey and I have caught our breaths after the events of last week and are dealing with the final sift through and purge of our stuff  (- okay, MY stuff! ALL MINE HONEY!! I admit it! It’s MINE! ). It’s really not hard. Once you’ve gone through the agony of truckloads of your possessions slipping beyond you, it’s really not hard to let go of that last Duran Duran CD. You know?

We’re also in big-time camper-prep mode. You see, we did not have time or space to test out the camper and tweak it all until now. We are testing EVERYTHING: each and every article of clothing, plate ware, chairs, lanterns, charging hookups, coats – it’s COLD!! We are freezing our asses off!!! – shoes, I mean, everything!

It’s the final heave-ho.

Like we are walking sideways while holding on to the rail, dipping toes into the water before we jump off.

It’s exciting because we are ready and it’s scary as it all can get out because, well, um, yeah, I don’t think I need to expound on that part, do I? Of course it’s scary! What about leaving your country with your 3 little kids in a teeny tiny camper is not scary?!

Here’s some photos from the last week from my Instagram – I’m @withalittlemoxie there if you care to follow my feed – and also some photos that I wanted to post but didn’t.

photo (4)

IMG_1753 IMG_1780 IMG_2073 IMG_2087 IMG_2093 IMG_2135 IMG_2146


Have a great Saturday.

Oh – and I’m also posting a photo a day of Moxie over on Disability With a Little Moxie – in honour and celebration of Ds Awareness.

Last? But not least – I was featured over on Letters to Thrive – my letter to younger Meriah. Letters to Thrive has been my new-favorite-site for a long time now – it’s simply letters by women with a disability to their younger selves. How cool is that? How wonderful and powerful and smile-worthy is that? Check it out, bookmark, share (- the site; not talking about my piece but if you’d like to share that, I won’t complain one*tiny bit, not at all)




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