March 25

We Are Going to Europe!


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First of all, let me jump and down and squeeeeeeeel:

we are going to Europe!!

we are going to Europe!!

we are going to Europe!!


Here are the nuts and bolts:

My mom is taking the kids and I on a Heritage Tour: we’re going to go to all of the places where her family is originally from. That means Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Germany. Those countries are the heart of the trip, but we do want to visit some other places (I’m looking at you, Budapest!).

We’ll be starting off in Amsterdam on May 29th and we’ll have until July 5th to explore and connect.

Do you live in the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Germany or someplace else in Europe? I’d love to hear your recommendations on kid (and budget) friendly ways to enjoy our stay. We’d love to connect with community (Down syndrome, deaf, disability and Baha’i). We prefer more rural areas (but not creepy scary rural with total isolation, obviously).

We already have global Eurail passes!

This is fantastic because the kids are freeeeee (Micah’s close to the cut off age, so we were glad to slip in).

We’re diving into the guidebooks, app, websites and planners now, and trying to figure out all kinds of things.

But if you are over there, holla! Let us know.


stack of guidebooks to Europe
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Meriah Nichols is a career counselor, teacher and blogger. Single mom to 3 (one with Down syndrome, one gifted 2E), she is also a cat-loving Trekkie who likes her coffee hot and black.
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