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I find myself far more tired in the growing of this baby than I was in the growing of my others. I boil it down to having older bones and perhaps also to Miss Moxie being a rambunctious two-year old and Micah being so full o’ fire. My mind is stretched tight with his endless (-ly entertaining) questions, his thoughts, processes and yes, getting him to eat, put on his shoes, do whatever. Moxie has me wrung by her uncanny ability to tear a room apart in under 5 minutes. The cleaning is never ending over here. I’ve honestly kind of given up, accepted a certain amount of chaos on the floor. I always look where I’m going.

We’re still working and planning hard for the Pan Am Overland. More on our progress next week.
Next week will also feature an author interview with George Estreich (it’s really pretty awesome), another giveaway, the 2nd Blog Hop and random light posts. I know you guys want another Dynamic Duo Comic Piece, so I’ll deliver. Promise.

This week, we had:

Special Needs + Disability Blog Hop
An explanation of what a Blog Hop is, the totally optional prompt and photo-for-riffing.

Talking About Having No Arms or Legs with a 4 Year Old
Micah and I had some conversations, watched some videos of my friend, Pauline (see sidebar for one). These conversations about disability, inclusion and what is “normal” can never start too early.

Disability: My (Deaf) Connection
My post for the Hop-(optional)-Prompt. My path towards connecting with disability, as an individual with disabilities.

Disability Blog Hop
Pretty freaking outstanding. Loved the posts – and I’m still reading through them. It’ll be up and live till next Tuesday. It’s already archived on a new page in this blog’s header, “Blog Hops” – definitely go and read them if you haven’t already. Note: all future Blog Hops will also be archived – which will create a nice collection of awesome posts to browse through at any point.

The Shape of the Eye: Prelude to an Author Interview + Guest Reviews by Lisa Morguess and Alison Piepmeier
I was so happy that Lisa and Alison allowed me to share their reviews on the blog. I love their voices – and this is great reading, especially for understanding a bit more about The Shape of the Eye for next week’s Author Interview with George Estreich.

I made a little collage of the photos that I posted over on the Facebook Page (“like” it to be part of it! You are welcome to post your own photos/links there, you know. I love community). I’m also on instagram – @meriahnichols – if you are there too, let’s be friends!

There are some good sales going on this weekend by companies that are indirectly sponsoring this blog – check ’em out:

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Have a great weekend!

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