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We’re settling into that smoothly delicious groove that is a long weekend (sans plans – the best kind) and I”m feeling pretty happy. I’ll get to see my old grad school friend today (not that she’s old; we just went to grad school a long, long time ago). Mikey will learn all about the ancient craft of cheesemaking (just call him “The Cheese Master” from Monday!).

Next week on the blog, we’ll have a Blog Hop (on Wednesday; participation details out on Monday). There will be a guest post from Lisa Morguess, and some posts that I think I’m not supposed to say I’m fond of, since I wrote them and all. But I am.

Stay tuned.

This week, there was:

Deaf Music: Donna Summer
Donna Summer was one of my all-time favorite singers. This is a tribute post.

Abuse and Disability
People with disabilities are counted among the most vulnerable in relation to abuse. This post contains links to help parents learn more about the profile of a pedophile, Megan’s Law, disabling geo-tagging features on smartphones and more. Please read and share this important post.

Note: Questions that came from this post have sparked more research on my part for this scary yet critical subject. I will posting more in the coming weeks on this subject. If you have any questions, email me and I will include the answers in the posts, if I can.

The International Alliance of Writers for Down Syndrome – the T21 Alliance
A post explaining the project and a call for help.

Canvas Print Giveaway
It’s always a little awkward for me to give away (or offer as a prize) something that I made. That wince-worthy feeling of ‘would anyone even want this?’ – vulnerability at it’s best. But here – I’m going for it. I think it’s cool, even if I did it.

California Hot Springs – the Mono Lake Area + Testing Out the ’88 Grandby Four Wheel Camper
– we will moving into (at least) weekly travel posts – partly because I like travel so much and partly because we are preparing for the Pan Am Overland and want to involve you in the preparation process. You know, so you can come along!

I made a little collage of the photos that I posted over on the Facebook Page (“like” it to be part of it! You are welcome to post your own photos/links there, you know. I love community).

There are some good sales going on this weekend by companies that are indirectly sponsoring this blog – check ’em out:

Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale

BabyLegs 50% Off Memorial Day Sale(an especially good one, I think)

Get 20% Off Your Custom Canvas Print Plus Get an 8″x10″ Canvas Free When You Spend $60

and last but not least, a big sale from the Land of Nod sale

What are your plans for this weekend?

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