Weight Loss Update

I finished the 21-day Standard Process Detox – which is where I eliminated sugar, gluten, processed foods and all that from my diet. I also made a truly foul shake every morning which was supposed to fill me up – but never really did unless I added stuff like coconut/almond milk to it, more protein powder or something.

Nevertheless, I lost about 10 lbs from it and also from starting to exercise daily, pushing through the BeachBody T25.


Fantastic program! Wow! I really can’t speak highly enough about it, especially because of their use of captions! This is so rare for exercise videos – and they are perfect. None of the mumbo-jumbo insta-captioning going on: it’s crisp, easy to read and right in the middle.

The group that leads the exercises are for the most part, the same, and they seem like more normal people than not. The “modifier” (- the person who does the easier version of the exercise) looks exactly like one of the girls in Barney, all grown up!

Added plus: there is a timer to the side of the screen and it lets you know how much more of a particularly punishing exercise you have to go and it also tells you what is coming next. This works for me.


Anyway, so, I finished the detox and started the T25 and came to the point in which I realized that my portions are out of control.

I eat well, sure, but how much am I consuming? I mean, a whole big bowl full of quinoa? I had to do something about it. So I ordered the BeachBody 21-Day Fix.

The 21 Day Fix

This is similar to the Standard Process Detox in that you are giving yourself 21 days to reset your habits. It’s different from the Standard Process Detox in that you use these colour coded plastic boxes to measure EVERYTHING. You are given a certain number of colours per day, based on your poundage, and you stick to it. They also highly suggest the Shakeology piece – and Shakeology is similar to the foul shake that Standard Process sets you up with every day, only in the case of Shakeology, it’s actually tasty and filling. Of course I thought that if it was tasty and filling, it had to be bad for me, so I read the ingredients thoroughly and am really surprised: that’s really some good stuff in there!


I usually avoid stuff like BeachBody because it’s just so….. shiny and packaged. Too many straight white teeth present, high-five’s and chirpy cardio tunes. Catch me without my coffee and I feel like smacking those jumping smiles.

But I’ve gotta say… this stuff really works. It’s an amazing system – really tight with the exercises, it’s streamlined to save time and the food plans are no-nonsense and all about good nutrition. I’m so impressed. It’s like mainstream gone crunchy, with a dash of sauce.

Very cool. If you are looking to lose weight and go through a detox, I give it all two thumbs up.


I’m still drinking my essential oils in the morning – it’s my weight loss blend which is 4 drops of lemon, 4 drops of peppermint and a dash of grapefruit. I also try to go to our community yoga class once a week and I try to push in a Shiva Rea yoga DVD or a Kundalini yoga DVD – yoga feeds my soul and I get so uptight; I need to strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch to get it all out.

#slimkitty4thewin !! 10lbs down,  60 to go.

In terms of sizes, I started at about a 22; I am now a 16. My goal is a size 6.

….and linkage:

I like BeachBody so much that I actually signed up to be a coach. This is one of those programs that gives you a discount if you sign up and you can help others reach their goals – total win/win if you like the program. And while my teeth aren’t shiny-white and straight, I’m not perky and I do not wear coordinated workout outfits, this is the best program I’ve ever seen.

I’m on board. If you want to buy something from BeachBody, I’d be psyched if you bought it from me, slimkitty4thewin – just select whatever, make sure I’m listed as your coach (- and again, I”m slimkitty4thewin) . Then that’s it. You can also sign up to coach under me – just list me as YOUR coach and then voila, everyone is scratching each other’s backs.

I don’t want to be annoying about this – if you want to do it, that’s cool and if you don’t, that’s cool too. I think most of all I just want us to challenge and support each other in this big get-fit-and-slim endeavor.

Oh, while I’m at it, I’m NOT an essential oils distributor. My friend Abbie is though, and you can order from her. Holla if you want to be connected (- email me: meriahnichols@gmail.com)


I’ve been chronicling things via Instagram and using the hashtag #slimkitty4thewin – if you want to follow along, please do! Hashtag your own get-fit photos or food that you make #slimkitty4thewin, share what’s going on with you!



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