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What I Learned this Week:

1. There is a threshold that I reach, after which I simply don't care anymore about how high the dishes are piled or how messy the place is. This threshold is not compatible with my mother-in-law visiting (today! this weekened!).

But it is compatible with diner-breakfasts – out.


And it is compatible with sanity. Mine.

2. Mud is highly alluring to the under-5 crowd

Mud. Pure glory-genius. Messy as it all gets out, they LOVE it! And then I can just strip them and hose them down before going inside!

It's definitely going to be a regular on our play-agenda from here on out.


On the blog this week:

My Two Year Old with Down syndrome, or: Vials of Moxie

Where we are now, 2 years into this journey


Hilarious Deaf Memes

Those were the two that I made (and laugh at every time I read them) – but there are more memes in the post. That I didn't make, and that some  people liked better than the ones I did…


The State of My Uterus: 31 Weeks

Don't read this if you can't handle talk about lady parts. Or hormonal rants. Or stuff along those lines.


An Easy Way to Feel Prettier While Pregnant/Nursing: GIVEAWAY

Fabulous nursing hoodie giveaway from Annee Matthew. Easy entry. ENTER already!


Finding a Beach that Fits: Playa el Coyote

It's kind of masochistic of me to be running these posts.

I think that's about it. We have to get back to cleaning. You know, so we can just apologize to my Mother in Law, "we are SO SORRY for the mess!", with all of us knowing full well that "the mess" is as clean as it gets around here.


Wish us luck. Because cleaning with a toddler (and kid) is, as they say, like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan is blowing on it.

Have a great weekend.

Oh, and before I forget:

Nursing Hoodie giveaweay – HERE, on this blog – from Annee Matthew. It's made of bamboo and possibly the nicest thing you'll wear while pregnant/nursing. Click the button to get to the giveaway page.
And: check out the BabyLegs 60% off sale – can never have too many, and – did I mention that i's 60% off?? It's site-wide, so it includes the tights and things that I love for Moxie (like her pirate's pants with the red ruffles on the bottom). Ends Sunday. Just click on the button below.

Code: FB60K


Now, really: have a great weekend!


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  1. Anna Theurer says:

    Meriah, I do love your weekly recaps even though I already read all of your posts!  I am so happy to know that I am not the only mother that allows my daughter to frolic through the mud.  It is both educational and spa-like 🙂 

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