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Gandhi once said* that we need to follow our personal truth in our quest for the best possible course of action. The thing is, the best possible course of action is not always a straight path. Moment by moment, the best course of action for us may change and as we keep ourselves aligned to our truth, we change with what’s best. 

Sometimes following this makes us look flaky because our direction changes with the path. 

Of course this is really about me and this blog: I’ve been following the big feeling in my heart and trying to figure out what the Best Way is, all the while trying to be as honest with myself as possible.

I wanted to carve out a space for disability community and start engaging a broader platform with that. I also wanted to turn this particular site towards the direction of counseling and wellness. And I was starting a new master’s program. And I was fixing the repairs on my house. And I was homeschooling three kids during a pandemic. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

My personal truth said, Meriah, what the hell are you doing?!!!!

I, striving to listen to my personal truth and be honest with myself, just kinda… sat on what I could until a clear path emerged. Something like 3 months since my last post and it’s pretty clear now that I should just get back to this blog. Hold off on any other site building right now. Keep it simple.

So! I have a lot of stuff lined up for you!

It’s good to be back.  


*this is most likely super grossly paraphrased!

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