“Wheelchair Bound” Sounds Kinky

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“Wheelchair bound” is a pretty commonly used way of describing someone who uses a wheelchair.

But it’s all wrong.

This is “bound”:


this is also “bound”





This is yet another “bound”


and this is “bound” to a chair!



another “bound”


Here’s a wheelchair:

wheelchair bound

It’s got these round things on them called ‘wheels’



So the wheel actually liberates the person who rides in it – it’s enabling, it’s access.

It’s getting someone where they want to be.

Here’s a person who uses a wheelchair to do stuff he wants to do:



He’s not “wheelchair bound” – see any ropes there?!

Now, this guy is actually “wheelchair bound”


He’s got the chains!

This guy doesn’t –


He was just a guy who used a wheelchair to get around.

And solve little puzzles related to black holes.


This guy is “wheelchair bound”!

So, unless we see people who are actually roped in and bound to a wheelchair they are sitting in, “wheelchair bound” is just blatantly inaccurate.

People who use wheelchairs to get around are just that – “wheelchair users,” as in, “she’s a wheelchair user.”


Originally published on Sept. 15, 2014

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