When the Innocent are Killed

So all of this time, I have been comparing Robert Ethan Saylor’s case to Trayvon Martin’s. They run on along a similar parallel: an innocent young man is killed in a senseless, violent act.

I stopped the comparison after the killing as Martin’s family, community and national organizations representing his race, rallied with force and fury to bring his killer to a trial.

In Saylor’s case, it was only his family and a sprinkling of community members who rallied for his justice.

The life of a young man with Down syndrome seemed so unvalued, so easy to toss aside. So easy to say, “yeah, he had Down syndrome”. He deserved to die.

And all of this time, in the months since we initially began calling for #justiceforethan, never in my wildest dreams did I ever – EVER! – think George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin – would be released “not guilty.”


Who the fuck walks away from KILLING a kid walking home, carrying some candy?

What can possibly allow that to happen, to have that be okay?

– the answer is: the same country that allows 3 men to walk away, 3 men who held down a young man, crushed his larynx, filled his lungs with blood and brutally killed him over a movie ticket.

The American judicial system said that was okay.

There is something so powerfully and fundamentally wrong here, I am stumbling over words. I only know a few things to be true:

  1.  The impossible, the unthinkable is happening and being allowed: the innocent are being killed over literally nothing
  2. Murderers are hiding behind the shield of racial and disability prejudice  
  3. The system is failing us: we need justice for AMERICA




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    • Americans do not appear mature enough to carry firearms. Most would prefer they do not get the right to bear arms unless they can prove they can be responsible with them. The rpinciple of acceptaing a court decision seems tohave gone as well, if he has been found innocent, by the system the people have elected as fair, it should be accepted. It is why the UK does not allow any idiot to own a gun.

  • The mother of one of my two sons’ cousins is blasting her FB page with conservative news stories about racism against whites by blacks and articles saying that the media tried Zimmerrman and found him guilty and turned it into a racial thing. I am literally feeling sick over it. I’m disgusted that I used to be a “conservative” and disgusted that I have connection to people who could really think like that! Ugh…. Sometimes I just want to give up, but I know my fight will come back – I guess I just need to decompress or something 🙁 Can we all just move to our own little island somewhere?

  • Hmm, other than both being sad and unnecessary, I don’t see the similarity. Saylor broke the law and the mall cops, who were actually trained law enforcement officers, did what they were trained to do (detain the law breaker). Martin did nothing wrong and was killed by a wannabe cop who instigated a confrontation for no legitimate reason.

    • Saylor did not break the law (unless going back in to watch the movie again while you wait for your caretaker is against the law? Against the rules, yes, but the LAW?!). While the mall security guards may have been moonlighting off-duty cops, the reality is, in this situation, they were only security guards. Who – 3 against 1 – held down and brutally killed Ethan Saylor over a movie ticket.

    • Yes there are some differences in the cases but I think the similarity is that if you are of an oppressed minority in this country, you are required to act impeccably, and can expect to enjoy very little leeway. Act otherwise at your peril. Ethan did because he was not a compliant disabled person and Trayvon died because he was a black male who did not show obedience. In my opinion, both cases are ways that subtle decisions, subtle bigotry end up shifting events in ways that lead to death. Both cases show how certain groups of people are not valued.

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