why, hello kitty!

why, hello there, my furry friend

wanna play?
you do! you do! say you do!
awwwrighty, what shall we play?
how ’bout I pet your head?
and you can kiss my feet!
no? okay, well then, how about we play LION!
see, you have to stay RIGHT there and I’m going to ROAR at you like a LION
yeah? did you like that?
one more try: MIAAAAAAAAAAO said the lion
that doesn’t seem to tickle your toes

hmm. toes.
you got some nice ones, my friend
oooooh, so pretty

and soft too
this is MARVELOUS!
why-ever were you hiding those lovelies from me for all this time?

woooo, he sure got me good, didn’t he?!!!
is a deaf blogger, global nomad, tech-junkie, cat-lover, Trekkie, Celto-Teutonic-peasant-handed mom of 3 (one with Down syndrome and one gifted 2E).
She likes her coffee black and hot.
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