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why nyle dimarco needs a wheelchair
Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Nyle DiMarco, man of ultra-hotness, recently used Delta for his transportation needs (lucky them).

Now, Nyle went and told Delta that he is Deaf. In response, Delta  met him as he disembarked from his airplane, and had a wheelchair ready for him to use!

Plenty of us have been pretty surprised as to why Nyle – a Deaf man – would be offered a wheelchair to ride… to us in the d/Deaf community, it’s kind of like offering the bicycle to the fish. Undeterred though,  I came up with a few ideas as to why Nyle DiMarco might really need a wheelchair!

1. Missed Announcements

Delta knows how often we tell them that we’re deaf and can’t hear announcements.

They are well aware of how often they forget all about letting us know of flight changes, and how we usually have to desperately run to catch our flights once we realize that (yet again!) we were not notified about a flight or gate change.

Delta cut to the chase by thoughtfully providing a wheelchair so that they could run Nyle over to the changed gate, in all haste!

2. Lipreading and Figuring Out Information is Exhausting!

Tired Nyle

Delta knows how their flight information is largely sans captioning, and how all in-flight announcements are without ASL interpretation or captioning.

As a Deaf person, figuring it all out is exhausting!

They knew how tired Nyle would be with the non-stop lipreading and sleuthing to connect the (silent) dots and access information. They, decided to give him a break with the wheelchair so they could roll him to his next stop without further undue stress.

3. Hearing Aids Are Heavy!

Sad Nyle

Delta knows how much hearing aids weigh, and thought they’d give Nyle a break by rolling in some wheels for him to rest his weary ears upon.

Oh wait. He doesn’t wear hearing aids. Scratch that.

why nyle dimarco needs a wheelchair4. Wheelchairs are Sexy

Nyle is probably the sexiest man alive.

Delta thought they’d put him on wheels to complement his stunning good looks!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, am I right?![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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