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Today is October 1st, the beginning of Down syndrome Awareness Month and the start of our Month with Moxie, celebrating the gift of an extra chromosome and a life lived with moxie – with courage, verve and vigor.


I made a little book of photos and quotes I've posted here on the blog or on facebookfree for download, so download away!


Let's all be a little more inspired.


Click on the photo above to go the bookstore and download your copy, or just click here.

PDF is also available:



Happy Monday! Happy Down syndrome Awareness Month! Happy Month with Moxie!



Fabulous sale alert! Blurb is offering 15% off any book you create with promo code FALL15OFFBOOK. As the cold weather season begins, a Blurb book makes the perfect indoor project for the entire family. Plus, with Blurb, you can create a photo book by uploading your Instagram and Facebook images! Don't let your pictures sit in a camera. Capture your favorite moments today and create a photo book that you can cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy creating your Blurb Book today!

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  1. That was the most charming & endearing thing I've seen in forever.  Loved it.  


  2. Oh, wow, that is pure sweetness.  🙂  Unfortunately, it says it can only be downloaded to an "i" device, of which I have none.  🙁

    1. no, there is also a pdf file – you can download it to your computer or to a kindle or anything else that reads a pdf!

      the link is right underneath the button on the right (of this blog)


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