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6 Things To Do For World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day.

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day as March (3rd month) and 21st (day) is 3/21 = 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. (clever!)

Since it’s a global celebration of Down syndrome, there is a lot going on. I thought I’d write a quick post on some of my favorite things that are happening:

1. Get Ready: Get the T-Shirt!

The Down syndrome Chromosome Shirt- available here:

A lot of the things to do for World Down Syndrome Day are made (even) more fun by wearing The Down Syndrome Chromosome Shirt. This shirt is available on zazzle, it’s customizable, available in kid’s and infant sizes, and it shows everyone exactly what Down syndrome really is: a third copy of the twenty-first chromosome.

Oh and the proceeds go to fund A Day in the Life with Down syndrome, a ripping website that helps share all the mundane glory of our lives that are shared with someone with Down syndrome.

Talk about a win all-around!

For more information on the T-Shirt, click HERE.

World Down Syndrome Day: Random Acts of Kindness2. Random Acts of Kindness on World Down Syndrome Day

  • On March 21st, wear a t-shirt that is Down syndrome-related (see above!)
  • Choose an act of kindness, like bringing an overwhelmed mom a dinner package or giving warm socks and a shoe certificate to a homeless person (for more suggestions, check out the the list on the FB page below)
  • Print out a WDSD postcard (see right) and give it out or place it with your Random Act of Kindness.
  • Take pictures of your random act if possible and post it on your social media pages with the hashtag #WDSD17.

For the postcards to print out and idea lists, click here to go to the Random Acts of Kindness page on Facebook site.

3. The 3*21 Pledge for World Down Syndrome Day

The 3*21 Pledge is to pledge to:

  • Donate just $21.
  • Pledge to be kind and considerate to peeps of all abilities.
  • Ask three friends to do the same.

While the second part of it is a little annoying to me (- why does it have to say “of all abilities”? Can it just be to pledge to try and be a kind and considerate human being?), I LOVE that the $21 goes to college funds for adults with Down syndrome.

I pledged.

Click here to pledge and learn more about this super fantastic endeavor. The videos on the website are fantastic, and it’s also fun following Ruby’s Rainbow on Instagram.

4. Down syndrome Diagnosis Network

The DSDN has one super-fantastic goal: to get their information out to local organizations, local Down syndrome clinics, doctor offices, Local DDD office (or service coordinator), Therapy clinics, local welcome basket programs, etc. Why is this so important? Because they provide (both online and in-real-life) networks and support for families, and help with updating the information that providers use regarding Down syndrome.

DSDN is happy to send you or your local org their materials to distribute to your local OB-GYN, Pediatrician, DDD provider or Therapist’s Office. Go here to request:

You can also download an information sheet here.

5. A Day in the Life of Down syndrome

Yes, I’m coordinating the project, but really. This is a good one. “A Day in the Life with Down syndrome” is an awesome smorgasbord of stories from days in the life of those with Down syndrome. It’s a great way to take a peek at other’s lives, and to celebrate your own, or the person you love who has Down syndrome.

Down syndrome Blogs is folded into the A Day in the Life with Down syndrome site, you can also browse blogs that have a connection with Down syndrome and get to know some other families and voices from the Down syndrome global community.

6. Give

If you feel like giving money, I’d like to personally suggest a few places:

  1. Lettercase

They are the ones who produce the outstanding books on “Understanding a Down syndrome Diagnosis”. They do truly amazing work with outreach to physicians and expectant parents, and have recently released a Spanish-language booklet. Read more about their work here. The link to donate is here.

2. The National Down syndrome Adoption Network

This is totally grassroots and they literally accomplish life-changing feats on the slimmest of budgets. They can use support. The link to learn more about them is here. The link to donate is here.

3. Give to Research

There are few organizations that do great work with researching Down syndrome – there is still SO MUCH we do not know about this syndrome, that would be really helpful to know. The links between Down syndrome and leukemia? Down syndrome and Alzheimers? What about that zero-impulse control piece, or visual learning in individuals with Down syndrome?

Here are some organizations to give to –

Any other ideas? Did I miss anything (and I’m not talking about socks; I left that out on purpose because I think it’s a complete and total waste of resources and I refuse to correlate a foot covering with my daughter’s extra chromosome).

Peace out! Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


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