I want to hear all about YOUR Life!

This site is about sharing the voices of people with disabilities and their allies. I’m always looking for words and photos of everyone who represents that. If you are not seeing something here right now that reflects you or your life – I need your voice! If you read something here and disagree with what’s said, think you could have said it better or want to voice your opinion or perspective, then I definitely need your voice!

What kind of posts am I looking for?

Opinion essays, personal short stories, quick memes and videos (- videos must be captioned).

Advice: Tips on things disability-related (how to deal with things like IEP, IPE, what people say), how to set up an accessible garden, how to learn ASL when you are middle aged, how to deal with disclosure while dating, “how-to” do almost anything within the disability spectrum.

Reviews: I LOVE THESE! Reviews on hearing aids, wheelchairs, clothes that work well for different kinds of disabilities. Which crutches are best? Which pusher? What compression socks or weighted blankets would YOU use? Please, send ’em over.

Book Reviews: 600-800 word count on books related to disability.

Job Talk: Do you own your own business? Are you a career pro who can help out with GOOD TIPS on employment with a disability? How about working with accommodations, sample accommodation letters, how do deal with disclosure? What about dealing with your disability in the workplace? We’d also love pieces about tricky situations: like, how to deal with Social Security and your health care and benefits when you are not sure if you can/want to stick with a job? YES!

Parenting: Are you a parent with a disability? I want your stories, tips and essays, please!

Voices of the Disability Community” – same set of interview questions asked, cross disability and profession.

Travel Stories focus exactly on that: travel tips and tricks, access that worked, reviews, etc.

365 Days with Disability is our Instagram-based project that celebrates our daily lives, lived with a disability.

The Ally Corner: are you an ally of the disability community? A parent of a child with a disability? I’d like to hear from you, too. Most of the categories above will work with your writing.

Pro/Con Piece: have an opinion on something? Participate in the pro/con series which dissects some controversial subjects.


How to submit content for consideration

General guest post

If you want to submit a guest post, upload your post or media below in the form below.

Voices of the Disability Community

Have a disability and to share your voice? Fantastic! Drop me a line and I’ll send you the questions.

365 Days with Disability

My project on Instagram, capturing a day in the life! Join up directly by posting a photo on Instagram and hash tagging it #365dayswithdisability

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Travel stories

Have a travel story to share that involves access/disability, or recommending particularly accessible places? Awesome. Submit your piece below!


Submission disclaimer

  • When you submit work to me, you grant your consent to let me publish it. You also grant your consent to let me edit it for length, tone, and clarity.
  • I can’t publish everything I get. Please don’t take it personally — there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature, and none of it has to do with how fantastic you are.
  • I am working hard to be able to pay you for your content, but I can’t at this point in time. I will, however, promote your piece on all of my social media platforms, and do my best to make this worth your while.

I DO NOT accept guestposts submissions from SEO marketing firms, or writers representing commercial websites. AT ALL. None. And don’t try and sneak links into your guest posts because I will find out and send a pox on you!