Zombie Town: Oatman

Oatman was another ghost town that we, the Ghost Town Lovin’ Clan, visited.

Now, I gotta say… Oatman was a total surprise. We were expecting something along the lines of Calico, which we had just visited, or maybe Bodie or Darwin. We were definitely NOT expecting what Oatman actually was. And what it was is hard to describe.

Because on the face of it, it should be be repulsive. This ghost town that’s a walking zombie, this ghost town that won’t quit. A total tourist trap, full of shops, all about buying stuff. Donkeys everywhere. Poop on the ground. We should hate it, right?!!

But no!


The tourist stuff was completely pressure free. We have never experienced that before. Shop after shop, noone seemed to care if we bought anything or not,but they were genuinely interested in talking with us.

Real, down-to-earth people that were funny, kind and polite (the guy who gave us a sample of the bee pollen said in response to my face after tasting it, “I said it was good for you; I never said it tasted good!’).

Old people telling jokes in the walkway, the geriatric biker babes with their chaps and leathery arms that wrinkled like the sandstone of surrounding mesas.

A restaurant coated with dollar bills inside, superb food with non-tourist prices; service that rivaled San Francisco’s House of Prime Rib. Bright people. Bright hearts that kind of reached over and grabbed you.

A staged gunfight that was fun for Micah and got Moxie worried over the participants’ welfare.

The best antique store, ever. We spent about two hours in that shop. Absolutely loved it, we haven’t had that much fun shopping since before the kids were born.

Oatman was awesome.

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We’d go back any day, if only for the food and the antique shop.


Oatman’s Access:

It gets an F for physical access. Very few ramps and a plethora of stairs. Very narrow. Most of the buildings are original and have not been renovated from the 1800’s, AT ALL.

In terms of hearing, it’s also awful. I was lost with the whole gun show/ street theatre and had to rely on Mikey to translate everything for me.

But – huge “but” here – the people are truly genuine. I have no doubt that they’d try and figure out something with a board for ramps or to help make something accessible. It’s simply not built into their grid at this point.


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