unpacking disability with Meriah Nichols: image of a collage of images: top left, woman's eye, then image of a wheelchair parking sign with the shadow of a person in a wheelchair, pink hearing aids, a man holding his head, many hands outstretched over the image of a heart, and a small girl with down syndrome smiling. Text reads over white brushstrokes, "Unpacking Disability with Meriah Nichols"

This site is now called “Unpacking Disability” – because from the time I first started this blog (in 2007), understanding disability- as in disability identity, disability culture, myself with disabilities, my kids with disabilities, the world as it relates to disability – has been at the heart of it.

“Disability” is a big word. The point of this blog is to get to understand it better.

What Can You Expect at Unpacking Disability?

You can expect opinion pieces, interviews, resources. You can expect uncomfortable conversations, comfortable reviews. You can expect this to be a safe and caring space. I might mess up in how I dig deep or in how I deliver, but I am sincere and I try. I appreciate grace, and try to give it as well.

There are some personal pieces as well, for those of you who have been hanging out with me for years.

About Me

meriah nicholsI’m Meriah, mom of 3. One of my kids has Down syndrome, another is on the Autism spectrum. I myself am deaf, have C-PTSD, TBI and apparently I fit on the Autism spectrum as well.

I’m a counselor by trade, career and mental health. I specialize in working along the disability spectrum, both in wellness and disability and in disability/employment. I am a plant nerd, traveler and cat lover. I adore my dog, Rocco too.

PR/Advertising/Sponsorship Stuff:

I love doing sponsored pieces for brands and programs that I believe in. I also love connecting us in the disability community with resources.

Please email me for my kit: meriah@meriahnichols.com