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Disability Career Development

Disability and Career Development

Disability and Career Development

I have disabilities and have worked in the career development field – either as a counselor, in HR, or as trainer – for twenty years. I get it. 

And I also really like talking about it.

The posts that I’ve written about it are below – in the interest of keeping my site running fast (er), please click the “load more” button to see more posts.


Navigating Beyond The Four F’s of Disability Employment

This is about the "Four F's" of disability employment, particularly with employment of people with intellectual disabilities, and my own fears about my daughter's future. If you want to hear me reading this, just click the link below. Play in new window | Download I woke up the other night at 2 in the [...]

14 Crazy Myths About Hiring People with Disabilities

There are a whole lot of myths about hiring people with disabilities and myths about work and disability, as well as questions about why to hire a person with a disability at all. Talking about these myths make sense – first of all, in the hope to dispel them, and also so that we know …

Job Club for People with Disabilities

A Job Club for People with Disabilities Career development and employment for people with disabilities is something near and dear to me. On a professional level, I have a Master's degree in International Management with a focus in Human Resource Development and Training and over 20 years experience working with career development, job development and/or [...]

Vision Boards for Career & Dream Exploration (It’s Not Just for Hippies!)

What is a vision board? How to create a vision board? These are the questions that this article will try to answer. This was originally posted on this blog (and spotlighted on BlogHer) in 2012. I am a career counselor and teacher by training and experience. I trust this process as a helpful tool in career [...]

Blogging Isn’t Dead: 6 Reasons to Start a Blog

Why start a blog in 2021?! A lot of people think that blogging is a ship that has sailed. This post gets into reasons why it actually makes complete sense to start a blog right here and now. Start a Blog?! We all see the ads to "start a blog!"and the claims to "make money [...]

Why Hire Someone With a Disability?

Why Hire Someone With a Disability is a post that examines and fleshes out some of the real reasons why someone should want to hire someone with a disability. It’s not about “inclusion” or “retention” or “doing the right thing” – read on for more.

Website Development as a Means of Disability Empowerment

I read The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman years ago. It's an outstanding book. It is chock-full of ideas that were even more cutting edge 15 years ago (when I read it) than they are now, but even now, they still hold true. One of the ideas in the book that really [...]

Change, Myers Briggs and the Chinese Zodiac

I’m a double ox. Or rather, I was born with the sun sign of Taurus, in the Chinese year of the Ox. This might not seem like a big deal, but I was actually hired in Asia on the basis of being an Ox – us oxen have this crazy reputation for being good workers …

Creating a New Career: Online Work and Working from Home

Creating a new career, working remotely from home

It Was My Last Day of Work Today

Yesterday we had my goodbye party. It was really sweet of them to put it it on, especially considering that I’ve only been with that department for a year. And of that year, I was gone for a big chunk what with maternity leave, the Placenta Incident and the beginning settling-in. They’ve only actually seen …

Facing Fear: I Quit My Job

This is a difficult post for me to write. Mostly because it’s so challenging for me to summon the words to articulate what I feel. But let me give it a shot… One of the things that really struck me in Expecting Adam was how very free the mother was at the end. Instead of …

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Work can be work or work can be life. Both 4-letter words, but like the other 4-letter words, ‘love’ and ‘hate’, what a difference! You know what they say, ‘do what you love and love what you do’. For the past 6 years, I’ve been working towards doing what I love, but it’s been an …

An Off-White World

I’ve been wrapped in my off-white world for quite a while.. most of my life, in fact. You know, living abroad, traveling a lot. Making uh, “non-traditional” choices. My save-the-world grad school in the hills of Vermont made perfect sense – just about everyone there was like me! And it was like everything I’d ever …

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