Disability Community

Sharing our stories has the power to help us find and hold each other. They can empower us, change us. They help us feel less alone in a world that was not often made for us. 

Since I’ve felt very isolated most of my life, I try and create spaces or collect resources to connect. Projects that this blog hosts:

Cool Cats (Voices from the Disability Community): this was started initially to meet cool people. I asked the same set of questions to everyone – the beauty and fun were in the diversity of responses to the same set of questions. Read them here: Cool Cats

365 Days with Disability: an instagram hashtag to highlight everyday disability. Not about the “overcoming” or the “specialness” or whatever our experiences; rather just how doggone normal it all is. This project won Voice of the Year for SheMedia. See the hashtags here: #365DayswithDisability

Disabled Mom Project: Plenty out there about non-disabled moms of kids with disabilities. Yay! But I also wanted more of our voices of moms WITH disabilities. So I started collecting interviews of moms with disabilities. These are more open-ended interviews. Blog posts that I’ve written on being a parent are also found on this page: Disabled Parenting

“I Thought I Was…”: A series by Kari Turner. Through interviews with people across the disability spectrum, she explores internalized ableism, ideas about disability and more. Scroll down this page for the posts!

Posts on Facebook Groups:

“I Thought I Was…”

A series of interviews by Kari Turner across the disability community, exploring our internalized ableism, perspectives on life and disability, and other cool stuff.

Original Series

Cool Cats: Voices from the Disability Community

One of the first series on this blog, started in 2011. It spans the disability community, asking the same set of questions of everyone. It’s a fun, easy way to get to know some super awesome people, aka, “Cool Cats”

Mom Project

Connect. Share. Meet. Greet.