Down syndrome resources and blog posts

Down syndrome Resources

Where ever you might be in your journey with Down syndrome resources, whether you are a parent, a sibling, friend or employer, there is something here for you.

You will find a plethora of information below. Long lists of Facebook groups, collections of useful books to read and refer to, indispensable resources for when you are expecting a child with Down syndrome, and of course, blog posts.

I hope it’s useful and of course, please contact me with any new information you’d like to see added.

Resources related to Down syndrome and Parenting: please click on the images below to go directly to the resource page you are looking for

Classic Useful Blog Posts Related to Down Syndrome

4 Years

  • My free e-book on the first 4 years of living with Moxie (covering the prenatal diagnosis, Down syndrome, ableism, disability: 142 pages of art, photographs and writing)- linked here

The Beginnings 

Therapy and Down syndrome

Bolting and Down syndrome

Get Support

…and More Posts!