Voices from the Disability Community: Marcus Sikora

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Marcus Sikora

Marcus Sikora is the first Voice interview via video!

Like a lot of other things he does, he’s breaking ground here.

Please welcome him, and then stay tuned for more from him.

Music Video from Marcus

and Marcus' Book: "Black Day: The Monster Rock Band"

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Find Marcus on social media:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GrownUpsAndDowns/

Twitter @MarcusMusical

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5 thoughts on “Voices from the Disability Community: Marcus Sikora”

  1. “I’m a storyteller; I’m an author; I’m a singer”

    who keeps the vending machines filled.

    Looking forward to BLACK DAY 2 [and 3 and 4 and more as come out of your fertile imagination!]

    “don’t panic. Stay calm,” says Grown-Up Marcus to Little Marcus.

    “Do what you want’ – thanks for the freedom of thought, Marcus!


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