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Do you know that they’ve actually done studies proving that experiences are ultimately worth more than stuff? Yeah, it’s true. Think about it. When you buy something shiny and new, it stays glossy in your mind for a short while, then you get used it and it’s just some thing. You adapt to the item. It loses its allure.

An experience on the other hand, stays fresher for longer, which seems weird because we are wired to believe that a physical object that we can keep for a long time will make us happier in the long run. Right? But it doesn’t. We adapt to it to the object and it’s just not as fun anymore.

You get more actual value for your money with an experience.

An experience becomes a part of who you are. It is not only something to visit in your memories, it is the fodder of stories (which is why even bad experiences can be awesome in the re-telling – as any of you who have heard my stories of taking the train in Sweden know…). It’s a part of our identity in a visceral way. We are all literally the sum total of our experiences.

So instead of buying a new gadget, more clothes, or stereo system, think about investing in your experiences! Go somewhere! Do something you’ve always wanted to!

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We all love groupon coupons, but maybe you didn’t know that Orbitz is on there too? THEY ARE! And Orbitz is a great way to save some dough while you invest in your next adventure. Travelocity is on Groupon Coupons too – and a host of other travel and experience-oriented deals. Check it out. You’re never going to get a second chance to relive your life so don’t wait.

Cambodia from Bangkok border... with a hangry kid Meriah Nichols -19 Meriah Nichols -20

Don’t just read my blog and think that South East Asia looks great – INVEST in your own trip! Or find the deal that lets you stay in a yurt off the grid, glam-camp yo! Ditch the stuff; go with the travel and the experiences.

Happy holidays!


This was a sponsored post from Groupon Coupons but every word and opinion is from yours truly.

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