Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury through Best Books on Traumatic Brain Injury

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Here are some of the best books on understanding traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injury symptoms, traumatic brain injury recovery, and just overall traumatic brain injury awareness. They are written from my perspective as being a person who lives with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Most of these books are linked to Amazon, which means if you buy them, Jeff Bezos won’t be the only one to receive part of the profit, which I know will make you happy! Here’s my full disclosure.

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

I have traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This is not new for me – I basically grew up with TBI. I have a post about TBI linked here. I also made a video and uploaded it to YouTube in which I talk about having TBI – it’s linked here.

I feel like this is glaringly obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: book resources are definitely not the best resource for someone who has acquired a brain injury. The act of reading itself can be very difficult for someone with TBI, it won’t help much with traumatic brain injury awareness or understanding unless the person has only sustained mild or moderate injury.

But reading can and will often help those who want to understand traumatic brain injury symptoms, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and traumatic brain injury recovery better. I’m thinking specifically of family members, and people who are close to someone who has TBI. It will also be helpful for someone with TBI when they have had the chance to heal.

I’ve divided the books into two categories: memoirs on traumatic brain injury  and general helpful resource books on traumatic brain injury. This is just to better find the story or resource that you may be looking for.

If you have read a book that was really helpful to your own traumatic brain injury awareness or in understanding traumatic brain injury symptoms or traumatic brain injury recovery, please comment with the link to the book. If there was something else that was helpful (- a group? website?), please also comment.

General Resource Books on Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery, Rehabilitation, Symptoms and Life:

Mindstorms: The Complete Guide for Families Living with Traumatic Brain Injury

To Root & To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury

Brain Injury Survival Kit: 365 Tips, Tools & Tricks to Deal with Cognitive Function Loss

The Traumatized Brain: A Family Guide to Understanding Mood, Memory and Behavior after Brain Injury

The Stranger in Our Marriage, a Partners Guide to Navigating Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: The Guidebook

“You Look Great!” — Strategies for Living Inside a Brain Injury

Brains Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Fitness Mindset, A 3-Book Collection Set

Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery From Mild Brain Injury[

I think some of these would be incredibly helpful – especially Mindstorms, and The Stranger in Our Marriage.

I personally read a great many memoirs when I was coming to terms with having my own TBI, and what that meant, how it looked in relation to other people’s TBI.

Here is the list for memoirs on traumatic brain injury.

Memoirs (by Family and Individuals with TBI) on Traumatic Brain Injury

Falling Away From You: One Family’s Journey through Traumatic Brain Injury

Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal

Over My Head: A Doctor’s Own Story of Head Injury from the Inside Looking Out

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries: 101 Stories of Hope, Healing and Hard Work

Where is the Mango Princess?

No Stone Unturned: A Father’s Memoir of His Son’s Encounter with Traumatic Brain Injury

The Water Giver: The Story of a Mother, a Son, and Their Second Chance

A Three Dog Life

Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror and Triumph Through a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI: Shaken But Not Stirred: One Woman’s Successful Struggle for Credibility and Justice While Coping with Traumatic Brain Injury

What Day Is It? a Family’s Journey Through Traumatic Brain Injury

Memoir of a Broken Brain: Falling Down and Getting Up Gracefully

In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing

Injured Mind, Shattered Dreams: Brian’s Journey from Severe Head Injury to a New Dream

Broken Butterfly: My Daughter’s Struggle with Brain Injury

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Hopefully these books will help, and again, I would truly appreciate your comment on resources, groups, sites, books that helped you or yours to understand TBI better and to help with TBI recovery.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. I have had a few serious concussions early in life and continued that through falling while snowboarding but i think i still have enough ability to function normally. Just wanted to say hi and i appreciate what you’ve done here.

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