Just The Two of Us: Love Needs Space!

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Well, Coor Down did it again: they made the most hilarious, awesome, point-hitting video possible for World Down syndrome Day 2022, called “Just the Two of Us” honing in on “Love Needs Space”.

Watch it here:

Just The Two of Us

My friend Ingrid said something along the lines of “you can’t keep your fists clenched when you are laughing,” and I think that’s what is so successful about this short film. It’s hilarious, so it keeps our fists unclenched while we watch it, and allows us to open our minds. And when our minds are open, new ideas and ways of thinking can find their way in.

One of those new idea and ways of thinking is in embracing that adults with Down syndrome are sexual creatures as well, with desires for intimacy and sexual connection. They are not “forever children” who are “always happy,” they are people who can and should express their own sexuality. They are people who can and should have access to privacy and their own private, intimate lives.

The video is really a starting point – a place to unclench your fists, laugh and lean in. From there, CoorDown leads us in with questions and answers, as a place to start conversations around this subject.

Visit their website here to continue the conversation, learn and connect: CoorDown Just The Two Of Us World Down syndrome Day 2022

CoorDown on Social Media

Facebook: @coordown facebook page

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coordown

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coordown

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